01-14-14 04:51 PM
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  1. zyphen's Avatar
    I would love to see some sort of color coding or flagging option to indicate which account an email is from in the hub view of the hub. So when I am looking at the complete hub messages list, I can quickly differentiate an email from work vs one from Gmail or outlook.com

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    06-12-13 07:03 PM
  2. alexxxx1's Avatar
    Old BES features like Public folder contacts sync, central e-mail signature management

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    06-12-13 07:07 PM
  3. prettiboifloyd's Avatar
    I have a few things I would love to see.
    1. The email icons returned to home screen, users can choose which account is most important and need quick access without going into th HUB.

    2.The ability to post BBM display pictures like the legacy devices without the headache of editing photos.

    3.And if possible, for BlackBerry Balance I can totally separate my BBM contacts, personal and work. Have two different profiles on same device.. "If possible".. lol

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    06-12-13 07:15 PM
  4. arukaen's Avatar
    1) better contacts app. I always had my contacts in perfect condition and when I switched to the Z10 they blew up. Add the ability to link someone via the Facebook app/twitter app. Rather than having to manually input their custom urls from Facebook or Twitter (who honestly even knows someone's custom URL for those sites).

    2) automatic bedside mode like the previous blackberry would be nice too. The new one just adds an extra step for no reason.

    3) more customization. I used to love to download fonts and other themes to improve the look of my phone and now I'm super limited. Ability to see wi-fi network and battery percentage would be nice. Maybe add the weather to the lock screen too. I miss being able to hide all the cap ware the carrier loads on the phone. Now I have this unsightly folder called crap on the device.

    4) make the phone app native. I hate having to click it and then have it open as an active frame. The phone shouldn't be an app it's a smartphone not an app phone with the ability to make a phone call.

    5) bring back universal search. That thing was a time saver, especially that all these apps now become active frames.

    6) bug fixes, bug fixes everywhere
    06-12-13 07:17 PM
  5. deslyh's Avatar
    Call and sms blocking without using parental control mode. Change back to the way 10.0 cut n crop for contact profile pics. Current 10.1 is hard to use.

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    06-12-13 07:20 PM
  6. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    Attachment 171300

    I'm sure most of us love how we could swipe up to close an app on the PlayBook. But on BB10, due to how the Active Frames has 2 vertical pages to scroll up and down, the same gesture can't be implemented. And swiping to the left brings in the Hub, and the right apps. so pretty much up, down, left, and right are all taken.

    If we look at other platforms,
    - iOS 7, swipe up to close an app
    - Android, swipe vertically to close an app
    - Windows Phone, no way to do it now, but it has been rumoured that MS will be adding a way to do so, and I'm guessing its swiping up.

    Attachment 171301

    Tapping on a small 'x" to close something feels kinda archaic at this point in time. Like how you would close a window on your mac or windows computer. On a small screen like a mobile device, swiping is an easier way to do it in my opinion. (or do most people just leave their active frames always open, and not bother to close them?)


    Here's just a quick photoshop of an idea.

    Attachment 171302
    Attachment 171303

    Just one single page for Active Frames, that doesn't scroll up or down. Instead, when you have more than 4 apps open, they become even smaller, allowing up to 9 apps. This will allow the swiping up gesture to be used, as well as present more information in 1 single page.

    Of course the elephant in the room is whether that is still legible or not. I tested them on my Z10 and everything is still legible for me (due to the high ppi display), but not everyone's eyesight is the same.

    Or it could be done horizontally instead, using the same 4 active frame layout, but side by side. This will free up the swiping up or down gestures as well.

    A continuation of my previous post. I was thinking about actionable active frames.
    Swipe up on an active frame to delete it, swipe down to switch the frame to make it actionable. Simple actions of course. Like composing a new tweet on the twitter active frame, control music playback, adding an entry into calendar, composing a new BBM/whatsapp, etc. Once you swipe down, it will switch to being "actionable" for lets say.. 5 secs. After it reverts back to viewing mode.

    What do YOU wanna see on 10.2?-z10-actions.jpg
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    06-12-13 07:25 PM
  7. g2gcya's Avatar
    Major UI change:
    E.G. Instead of sliding app page to another page like ios, make it spin rotate 180 degree horrizontaly like how you spin a basketball to another app page.

    Minor intergration:
    1. Timer mode on camera
    2. Set hub back to top level after a period of time
    3. Add date at the top of the screen when sliding up bb10 from the bezel.
    4. More setting options when sliding down from the top
    5. Swipe active frame up to close it
    6. More active frame beyond 8
    7. Bb protect should store contacts, remember onto server.
    8. Landscape mode
    9. Add browser bookmark folder function
    10. Black theme
    11. Improve remember with calander integration
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    06-12-13 07:35 PM
  8. mike-berry's Avatar
    I want the remember app more involved in the OS so that you can see what you have to do without always having the app open.

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    06-12-13 07:41 PM
  9. Robbenezer's Avatar
    Customizable text notifications for contacts like they use to be!

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    06-12-13 07:45 PM
  10. chewpick's Avatar
    1. Better support for windows network shares
    2. Nested folders inside groups, also more than one page of apps per group
    3. BlackBerry Remember needs calendar integration of tasks
    4. Better Separation of audio books and music
    5. Jellybean pls
    6. Lock screen simple mode option maybe just using dialpad
    7.make wiping the device after 10 tries an option
    8. Integrated app usage stats in the os.
    9. Show georeferenced images on map
    10.netflix native app
    11. Skype native app

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    06-12-13 07:45 PM
  11. RJMarc's Avatar
    YouTube: There really needs to be a standalone app for it, la Android/iOS. I'm tired of being taken to the browser.
    - It just seems like such a cheap alternative to a real application that will work better.
    - From my experience on iOS and on BlackBerry, the YouTube iOS app is awesome, easy to use, and very convenient.
    - I remember the uproar that was made when it didn't come with the iOS 6 update. That showed me everything about how much it was valued.

    Calendar: Beautiful. I love it. Keep improving.

    Social Networking: As said before, both Facebook and Twitter are very bare-bones apps and need some serious improvement if they at least want to be on par with Android/iOS. For example:
    - I can't watch YouTube videos posted on Facebook;
    - I can't send images to friends via direct message on Twitter or via Facebook Messenger.
    - Basically, it needs to at least be on par with Android/iOS, which it isn't at the moment--something that's a serious issue for marketing.

    Hub/Messaging: For the most part, it is flawless. I love it. However, I would like to see some minor changes:
    - Facebook Messenger and Facebook need to be split apart and given their own specific spots within the hub la what happens whenever you add a Yahoo! account--a spot appears for e-mails and for Y! Messenger.
    - This also means that Facebook and Facebook Messenger would receive their own specific notifications. I often don't know what sound I'm hearing because the one I set for Facebook means both notifications and messenger. Let's change that.

    Contacts: Notifications aren't what they used to be.
    - On old legacy devices, one could easily establish custom ringtones and notifications for specific contacts, whether it be e-mail, SMS, or even a phone call. That isn't possible on my 10.1 Z10 for some reason. The only time I receive it is when the person sends me an e-mail instead of of a text message for some reason. That matters a lot to me as Android can't do it and BlackBerry could.

    Power Saver: I'd love to see a power saver option la what is seen on Android. The battery debate will go on forever until BlackBerry upgrades their batteries for future devices, so even as stronger batteries arrive, I'd still like that option integrated into the system.
    - Included in this would be the option for the more power-friendly Dark Theme seen in the Q10. I'd love to see it on my Z10.

    Music Player: Let's revamp the music player and make it something that can properly go to war with Apple.
    - Better yet, we can even call it BlackBerry Jam or something. It's witty and works if you think about it. Give it a completely revamped redesign bring in some folks from the other guys to provide fresh new idaes.
    06-12-13 07:50 PM
  12. RJMarc's Avatar
    10.2 should also make it possible for us to see how much data we've used without the use of some of these extra apps that shouldn't even cost money to begin with. Give me some improved Twitter and Facebook apps. Say what you will about Android, but they've got some really good ideas aside from the ones that are obviously gimmicky.
    06-12-13 07:55 PM
  13. Santiago_nyc's Avatar
    I have bought the Z10 with AT&T and they have NOT yet updated anything at all . I see a lot of update news. Can some one help me out.

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    06-12-13 08:02 PM
  14. methodman321's Avatar
    Things I would like to see:

    1. Overall performance enhancements, bug fixes and flow. Sometimes there are glitches here and there. Those should be addressed first. Apps sometimes take longer to load, as the device is used after a restart. For example, the Settings app loads almost instantly after a reboot, but as the phone is used, when it is opened, there is a black screen for a second or two and then the contents load. Maintain focus on this - it will help BB down the line. Apple products are loved because they are polished, or perceived as such. BB needs to aim for that too.
    2. Phone App: ability to clear call log for a given day instead of clearing the entire call log.
    3. Clock App: Multiple Alarms (confirmed) and better bed side mode clock color.
    4. Hub/Messaging: Ability to collapse/expand a given day's messages. This could get tricky, as individual accounts can also be accessed - do we collapse/expand them too? Yeah why not. Keep it all consistent. Have an icon for the HUB for people who may need/use it.
    5. Lock icon (like legacy BBOS) to lock the screen
    6. Calendar App: Ability to exclude FB events from calendar. I do not want to see whose birthday is when. I don't care. I know birthdays of people who are close to me.
    7. Pictures, Videos, Media apps: allow me to exclude folders from these apps, so their content is hidden
    8. File Manager app: If I want to see contents in a list view, remember that decision
    9. Lock screen: Live lock screen wallpaper to show weather, fb photos, etc, a little like WP8
    10. Folder Management: Playbook allowed us to have just one app in a folder. BB10 needs to let us do that too.
    11. Built in shell client
    12. WiDi (confirmed by Kris in one of his posts)
    13. Text Messages: Ability to save texts to media card
    14. Add more functions to the slide down settings center - like display, volume, etc
    15. In the top status bar, bring back notifications of messages, etc, like in BBOS. Peek is great when you are in an app, but not so much when you are on the home screen, or app grid screens.

    Consider for future versions:
    Ability to install apps to media card (security is an issue here)
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    06-12-13 08:16 PM
  15. JBML007's Avatar
    Camera improvements. I think I like the pictures on 9900 better.

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    The most ridiculous thing ive read on the internets

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    06-12-13 08:27 PM
  16. anon5129477's Avatar
    TOp Features of legacy devices that are still great to have .
    06-12-13 08:37 PM
  17. ruvcan's Avatar
    "Vibrate in holster" notification setting.
    06-12-13 08:38 PM
  18. jhimmel's Avatar
    Contact GROUPS!
    More options for custom contact notifications across all services (SMS, email, phone calls, etc...)
    SHARE options for the Remember app.
    06-12-13 08:44 PM
  19. mekli's Avatar
    Besides all the ideas mentioned in the article, I would definitely like to see hot key (and/or hot zone) customization, for the volume rocker especially. Specially I would want to rocker to control notification volume.

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    06-12-13 08:45 PM
  20. mayrick0's Avatar
    I would like to see more options on the story maker since it is a new option on the bb10 I would like to be able to add multiple songs as well more editing options eg. different effects! Another thing make it easier to load android apps and Compatibility with them because this really sucks that most sites that you go to only offer android or apple apps for sites, when will BlackBerry get the recognition that they can do all the stuff apple and Android can do and more! Just saying!

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    06-12-13 08:54 PM
  21. azooz5005's Avatar
    I hope integration of Arabic letters on the keyboard to zoom in Arab characters and give more space to put pressure on the characters

    Arabic characters in the mini keyboard
    While English letters in the keyboard and large clear

    Merge letters ي, ى, ئ, ء in only one character is (ي) and when you press and hold the character in the rest of the characters brings you ي, ى, ئ, ء

    Integration of و letters with the letter ؤ when you press and hold the character و cleanses letters و,ؤ

    Noticed a difference the size of the letters in the keyboard Arabic and English

    Great English letters in the order and size
    While many Arabic characters and very detached, which is difficult for us to write and repeat mistakes
    Finger large and small craft something (:

    Wow ..



    06-12-13 08:55 PM
  22. Nigel_choo's Avatar
    1. Better camera features such as panorama mode,
    2. Improving the photo editor
    3. More native apps such as Instagram, Shazam etc
    4. Less side loading
    5. Virtual trackpad for the fun of it!
    6. Emoji
    7. Battery performance
    06-12-13 08:55 PM
  23. Mr.G_under's Avatar

    I really don't get that statement.
    06-12-13 09:06 PM
  24. austinrovo's Avatar
    Pattern or pin lock screen!

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    06-12-13 09:07 PM
  25. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Speech to text in Remember app.
    You've already got that. When you're creating a new note in the Remember App, just press the period button on the keyboard and hold it until the microphone pops up. Then, just start speaking and voila... speech to text. and this works throughout the os, whenever the keyboard pops up, you can use this feature.

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-13 09:09 PM
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