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    So at my department today, all the guys were playing a game called bike racer against each other. A few on iphone and a few on Android. I've never heard of it till now, but is there other games similar to that sort if multi player game?
    Basically it works by linking your friends that have the game through either Facebook or something like that, then you set a high score and it shows on their phones, then you can try and beat their score.
    Anyone know of multiplayer/multi platform games that work in a similar fashion?

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    05-10-13 04:24 PM
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    I don't know of that game but I know NOVA 3 has multiplayer/platform online play. And same with shawdow guns, but they still haven't released there bb10 app.

    I'm sure there are others I haven't checked them all yet, but that would but me, as much as I love my z10 I'd deal with it, but its the little things that add up sometimes lol.
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    05-10-13 04:38 PM
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    Yeah I like my Z10 a lot, but you're right. Sometimes the little things do add up and kind of dampers my affection for the phone. I still don't want to trade it for a android or apple phone though lol

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    05-10-13 07:22 PM
  4. bobshine's Avatar
    There isn't much for the moment but you have Nova 3, Golf 3, sketch with friends

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    05-10-13 07:30 PM
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    Wordfeud would be fun...
    05-10-13 07:55 PM
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    "Run in Crowd " is cross platform. Last I checked a BlackBerry user was the #1 high score lol props

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    05-10-13 08:15 PM
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    I have bike racer side loaded and get to play my friends on iPhones and androids

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    05-10-13 08:37 PM
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    I would like super stick man golf 2, and lucky wheel with friends. A Lot of people in my office play these!

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    05-10-13 08:37 PM
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    Sketch w/Friends is cross-platform, although it's an Android port on Z10. I prefer the native PlayBook version.
    05-10-13 08:38 PM
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    Here is a pic... it's a fun game
    What BlackBerry App games can I play against other OS platforms?-img_00000243.png

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    05-10-13 08:38 PM
  11. KidCaboose's Avatar
    Yachty and WordHero I believe are cross platform.

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    05-10-13 08:43 PM
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    Ruzzle and Jangle are multiplatform word games, it would be sweet of TopFreeGames would port their games over officaly but with all the emails no response
    05-10-13 09:04 PM
  13. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    keep you eye out for Modern Combat 2 & see if it gets optimized for the "Z",,, it's great on playbook via hdmi to tv,,, only thing is sound stays on the playbook...
    05-10-13 09:05 PM
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    ^^^^ That's unbelievable the sound stays on the PlayBook and not transferred to the hdmi source.

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    05-10-13 10:39 PM
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    Here is a pic... it's a fun game
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_00000243.png 
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ID:	160340

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    Is Doodle Jump the Touch version or Acceleromoter version? I don't know how to spell accelerometer. I've been playing Eggventure on my Z10 but miss the touch version of Doodle Jump....

    ETA - - Draw Mania is cross platform. BlackBerry, Android, iOS.
    05-11-13 12:26 AM
  16. sa385's Avatar
    Doodle jump is the accelerometer and not touch

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    05-11-13 06:59 AM
  17. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    ^^^^ That's unbelievable the sound stays on the PlayBook and not transferred to the hdmi source.

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    yeah,,, i even contacted them about it & there's no plan on changing that w/ an update,,, too bad, great game that would sound awesome on my tv & run thru my stereo...
    05-11-13 09:04 AM

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