1. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    Last year, i got my samsung s5, and on agust 2016 i didnt know ,i feel unconfident if i use it. So i switch it with Iphone S6 ,still unconvident .

    My friend just look it,but dont give me a reason about it.

    After 2 months i changed it with Z10.
    Wowww... i get attention of my friend that said "i like this pho, i missed it , and i want to go back to this phone,but how much price of it?"

    The sound like it.
    And my feel is so happy although it is old phone. But BlackBerry is number one for me.
    What about you with Blackberry Z10 when you were not confident about your Android phone?-img_20170106_023720.png

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    01-05-17 11:26 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I'm glad you are happy with your Z10. Whatever is best for you, that's where you need to be.
    Fortunately for me, when I couldn't get the apps i needed, i went to Android and never looked back. So i am happy with the decision i mad as well.
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    01-06-17 11:34 AM
  3. ppeters914's Avatar
    So i am happy with the decision i mad as well.
    Wait....you happy or mad?

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    01-06-17 04:25 PM
  4. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    If i want to get more app i just use android old phone on mybag, but for the best activity i just using blackberry

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    01-11-17 01:13 AM

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