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    hey guys, the name is husnain, been a hardcore blackberry fan since I got my first bb back in 05. new to crackberry although ive been following along for a while now without actually joining up (used to be on pinstack back when that was the "in" thing). anyways so I have been experiencing some weird issues with blackberry world. for starters every once in a while when I go to app world it loads in spanish but not full spanish, some stuff is in spanish and some english. I wonder if anyone else has experienced that. Secondly, the small red star signaling an available update on app world never goes away, even when everything is up to date. Oh and like everyone else I have a love/hate relationship with the battery but thats a topic for one of the other million threads related to it
    04-21-13 02:16 AM
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    Well the Z10 is very smart because it can read your mind that you're interested in learning Spanish so it teaches you!
    Just joking ;p

    I believe it's a bug that some other users have been experiencing where BlackBerry world is displayed in Spanish or Chinese etc. If you do a quick search on the forum there might be a solution but my guess is probably power off the device and then turn it back on and see if that will fix the problem. The annoying thing with the red spark keeps popping up even when there's no apps that needs an update is kinda annoying. I notice this keeps happening when I choose "Uninstall " an app instead of "Delete", it keeps prompting me that there's an update available. I think the next update will fix this issue.

    Posted via CB10
    04-21-13 02:42 AM
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    LOL! good one! I tried powering off and the battery pull but to no avail. 10.1 will be released soon so I guess I can wait for these little bugs to be fixed especially since the z10 is freakin awesome! thanks for the reply!
    04-21-13 02:47 AM

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