05-13-13 05:56 AM
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  1. chuka101's Avatar
    my problem is with the battery and heating of the phone and I hope the next update fixes that.....anytime I am at home and use the WiFi, my battery can last for about 7-9hrs with light use (text, bbm, email, calls). once I start to browse or play games, the phone heats up(can get up to 105.f...checked with battery lover), the battery drains quickly and this happens every single time... another concern is whenever I leave the house, it goes downhill from there, since there's no WiFi... its as if the phone is constantly checking for network or something. the phone heats up without me doing anything with it... sometimes I have to put the phone in airplane mode till the phone cools down so that I can save battery................. let them make the settings app native too..............apart from all these, the phone is superb
    04-29-13 01:27 PM
  2. R Field's Avatar
    I will just copy part of the email I sent to Michael Clewley.

    UPDATES - updates to the facebook app- share edit features, news feed issues/twitter- improved search functionality

    OS improvements -

    1. profile customization like bbos7 devices
    2. standard built in full LED customization(blinks colours) for profiles/contacts/hub notifications
    3. holster profile customization leds/sounds etc
    4. more built in ringtones/notification sounds
    5. battery percentage/data transfer indicator/date options top of status bar
    6. background api
    7. 3rd party hub integration
    8. multiple alarms can be set within alarm clock
    9. fix random reboots
    10. more battery improvements
    11. Better Blackberry world searching options/improved layout
    12. flash zoom for timeshift/panorama
    13. ability to pin active frames/playbook swipe to close
    14. group sorting for contacts
    15. Ability to lockscreen wallpaper instead of one for both lockscreen / home screen
    16. select all options in hub
    17. more drop down settings options - brightness, switching connections airplane mode etc
    18. customization for lock screen options
    19. ability to custom modify shortcut keys at bottom
    20. list or group view options for browser bookmarks
    21. extra voice command controls
    22. improve blackberry bridge function
    23. better photo sorting and viewing options
    24. standard music app equalizer - more tabs (songs/artists at bottom)
    25. File management - ability to hide files/folders, password protect them
    26. Two way outlook sync with blackberry link
    27. Japanese/Korean language support
    28. larger notification on charging
    29. more 3rd party app support
    30. ability to go to next message in hub
    31. better update notifications for software updates/app update notifications without checking for updates
    32. jellybean runtime
    33. landscape mode for apps

    apps -

    blackberry traffic
    RSS reader
    podcast app
    standard stock app

    CB10- BlackBerry Z10
    04-29-13 01:37 PM
  3. lwaysluking's Avatar
    About the BB10 native music player

    1.Pretty nice player, but it should provide the ability to expose/browse music files by file name(as seen by the file system). Listing by Artist name and Album name is fine, but this only works properly if all music has been tagged (which is not always the case).
    I may not remember an artist or album name, or a complete song name. So running through file names should be an available alternative
    ** I know this can be done from the BB10 file manager, but it should be do-able from within the music player as well.

    2. Sound quality adjustments/equalization controls are missing (fortunately, the Qualcomm DAC is very good and provides very good dynamic range and low noise to begin with)
    04-29-13 01:43 PM
  4. Jashn's Avatar
    Maybe I'm too late if the email has already been sent, but the only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Hindi language keyboard. There used to be an excellent Hindi keyboard on my 9810 and I'm sure many in India and abroad would appreciate the keyboard.
    04-29-13 02:02 PM
  5. Nbold9900's Avatar
    The customers experience for someone upgrading from an older blackberry device is horrible. I got fooled into using the Link desktop application to "switch devices", bit mistake, instead of copying absolutely everything to the new device (like bb desktop used to do), including email and work accounts, it copied all contacts files and calendar to a "local" profile, but not the accounts. Then, after adding my accounts manually, including my work account, I got double the calendar, double the contacts, of course. Only way to solve, wipe and start over, this time no Link "switch device", just start from scratch by defining every account. Eventually got it right, lost some precious hours because of this. So, either make it work like it used to and it can switch devices like it switches between os7 (by the way why on earth would they kill blackberry desktop it was an excellent app and worked perfect), either lose the functionality all together and save people of the trouble.
    04-29-13 02:16 PM
  6. BuzzStarField's Avatar
    About the BB10 native music player

    1.Pretty nice player, but it should provide the ability to expose/browse music files by file name(as seen by the file system). Listing by Artist name and Album name is fine, but this only works properly if all music has been tagged (which is not always the case).
    I may not remember an artist or album name, or a complete song name. So running through file names should be an available alternative
    ** I know this can be done from the BB10 file manager, but it should be do-able from within the music player as well.

    2. Sound quality adjustments/equalization controls are missing (fortunately, the Qualcomm DAC is very good and provides very good dynamic range and low noise to begin with)
    +1 for searching file names (id tags are not always complete)

    Some other improvements that I would like to see:
    1. Long titles should scroll (names of classical music track can be very lengthy and pertinent info is often off-screen)
    2. Ability to display properties for a track and edit id tags. Multiple selections should be allowed (e.g. to correct album name for multiple tracks)
    3. Need smarter search algorithms. Fix searches so that punctuation is ignored. (My classical music titles are littered with brackets and parentheses and searches do not find what I am looking for unless I enter the punctuation)
    04-29-13 02:26 PM
  7. heyjohnnybravo's Avatar
    Contacts fix
    - within the phone app not showing all contacts and duplicates

    Color theme/scheme options
    - choice for user on which "skin" or scheme they would like to use regardless of device (ie. Light and dark available on both Z10 and Q10)

    Notification customization mastery
    - choose what actually ends up in the Hub
    - app icons for the "Other applications" in the Hub
    - LED/vibration customization at the level of OS7.1

    Just my personal list . Some app gripes but those are to be fixed in time and not 100% within their control.

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-13 02:57 PM
  8. PiotrBB10's Avatar
    From me to Thornsten - Thank you
    04-29-13 03:18 PM
  9. anon(4320318)'s Avatar
    Hi there,

    thanks for the opportunity to allow "community" input.
    I love the device and for a 1st Gen OS, am very happy overall.
    The only areas i would love to see improvement on are;
    1. Improvement in BB Link functionality (integration with desktop client mail sync and desktop to device syncing.) would love to see BBM/SMS/MMS functionality from the Desktop through BB Link in future updates, as this is the sort of integration that helps drive the single platform perspective.
    2. improve Contacts handling and Carddav for cloud based services (authentication and 2 way sync is still problematic for many)
    3. Hub - SNS messages can re-appear after deletion, tighter integration between applications and hub to allow for notifications to be actioned in the hub without the need to go to the application (twitter and FB for example) to also clear/action the notification.
    4. closing applications from within the app (aka: swipe down to close in N9) without the need to minimize first may improve UI experience. Despite the "Always in" paradigm, the ability to quickly close down applications that are not needed on a regular basis would free up the active frames grid (limited as it is) to ensure other apps aren't dropped off the bottom of the list
    5. pinch to resize active frames grid (aka: N9) to allow ALL active frames to be viewed on the screen

    thanks again. Just my .02c
    Last edited by onethreealpha; 04-29-13 at 03:59 PM. Reason: typo
    04-29-13 03:58 PM
  10. QtHelex's Avatar
    I miss:
    • Tag Cloud support at the Picture Gallery
    • Possibility to Import my old SMS messages - I would prefer a API for this to write my own filters, I would like to import (merge without duplicates) from Symbian (Nokia N95), maemo (Nokia N900) and MeeGo (Nokia N9 and N950)
    • Groups or Tags at the official BlackBerry Passwort Manager, likewise a export and import functions
    • Text formating at the built in "Remember" App (just to get better Evernote support without loosing enumerations)
    • The placement of the Delete Button is the worst, I would prefer to have it somewhere else, but it should not appear at exactly the same position I open the Menu. Accidentally double tapping leads to delete a Mail or BBM conversation - without undelete, argh!

    And I have a suggestion for a official Hardware I would love to buy from BlackBerry:

    The virtual keyboard is just great. But sometimes I prefer real keyboards, especially for passwords, Adresses, Contact names... Currently I use a Bluetooth Keyboard if I need to answer a long Mail. It's a old device from Anycom which works great, but I miss support for Coursor and Control keys.
    • I can't move the Coursor with the Coursor Buttons
    • Commands like [CONT]+[A] , [CONT]+[C] and [CONT]+[V] are not supported by BB10 but would be great to mark fast a entirely textbox and paste it later somewhere else

    The Q10 is a great option, but I also love the big Display of my Z10 which brings not only me in a difficult situation. My mobile typing device of choice is still my Nokia N900. A querty Landscape Slider. I would love a thick Z10 with a Landscape Keyboard behind. The market for this is maybe not very big but BlackBerry could fill this gap easily with just a special backcover for the current Z10.

    After fixing the Support for Bluetooth Keyboards with Coursor and Control Keys I would love to see a official Bluetooth Keyboard accessory for my Z10. A Backcover replacement for the Z10 which makes the current device just thicker but includes a Landscape slider with a Bluetooth 4.0 low power Keyboard. Including Control and Coursor Keys. Just for the people which love the big Screen of the Z10 but need also sometimes a great Keyboard.

    Why Landscape?
    A Portrait Slider would get fast very top-heavy and this feels just wrong, in landscape you can hold it just great with two hands. Additionally provides a Landscape Slider more space for keys and it is anyway needed to make the slider just as big as the Z10 to cover the complete backside while closed. With closed keyboard the users would be still able to use the great on screen keyboard of the Z10.

    It wouldn't be a problem for me if the device is afterwards twice as thick if I would get this way a Z10 with attached Landscape Querty Slider. And since there is a great Bluetooth Gamepad support a version with gamepad instead of a Querty Keyboard could also sell well.

    Just a Idea I would love to see from BlackBerry.
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    04-29-13 04:59 PM
  11. QtHelex's Avatar
    Needs work In my opinion:
    1) I do still feel like I have to go in and out when it comes to open apps. I would like to see them implement a gesture that allows you to switch through running apps - without minimizing them. For example, a gesture that is done like the reload button of the chrome browser. Clockwise goes to the next app that is forward in the list and counter-clockwise goes to the previous running app. Just believe it would help the OS flow even better and provide an even better multitasking experience.
    I miss this, too. I made this suggestion already last year via twitter and in my opinion swiping from the right bezel of the screen to the middle could work for this. Except at the desktop this gesture is nowhere used. We swipe from the left to get back a card or to get the Tab Menu at the Hub or at some Apps. But at Apps we never begin to swipe from the right.

    So we could use this gesture easily to reopen the App we used just before the current one. Just like a single [ALT]+[TAB] at windows machines. At example just to switch between Contacts and Calendar application back and forth while arranging a appointment. If you need a different Application, we are still able to swipe from the bottom to get our Task Manager.
    04-29-13 05:12 PM
  12. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    I have not yet purchased the Z10. I depend on my PlayBook/9850 combo for too many things and it would hurt my business to suddenly lose them. So, even tho it is torture, I wait for BB10 to mature just a little more.

    I feel confident that most of the things I want will come as the BB10 matures. What I NEED are some basic functions so my business and sanity don't end up suffering. I am waiting to see what 10.1 brings before purchasing. What I need in order of importance:

    Two-way USB sync with Outlook. I must keep my data secure and cannot use a cloud service for calendar, contacts, notes.
    The ability to continue giving the my presentations they way I have been with Bridge. I recognize that it is probably a waste of effort to fix Bridge when BB10 is coming to the PlayBook, but I need to wait for that. Even tho I depend heavily on my PlayBook, I also realize there is a possibility the Z10 could end up replacing it (makes me a little sad because I think the PB is brilliant).
    Link has to provide a straight-forward device switch or forget it. I simply do not have hours and hours to fuss around, nor does that build love for BB.

    There are many other thinks I would like, but can wait for. (Print To Go, please!)

    So far the ads I have seen don't really show off BB10 in a way the typical user would understand. Show BB10 at work. Show a student study group in crises over a project and a BB10 user saving the day. Show a group of young professionals stressed over some impossible mandate from above, trying to come up with a plan and a BB10 user barking out tasks to the 3 or 4 in the room with BB10 and them working collaboratively to more than meet the demand. Show teens at a party where the band failed and some kid with HDMI saves the party. Show a doctoral candidate at their defense, their professor messes up and loses the data or something, the candidate pulls out their BB10, uses Remote Access and HDMI to completely save their whole defense and possibly their degree. Present BB10 as the device that can make you look good and save the day.

    Actually, I think BB10 is brilliant and could bring back the BlackBerry I love. I have often thought of those working long hours on this device while being hissed and booed by those who don't know much. It is killing me to wait for my Z10 (whine, snivel). In fact, I am due for my upgrade this week. I have waited for what seems like years. But I don't dare go there until I have some basic functionality. I don't even want to think of how stressful my work week would be without the dynamic duo of my PB/9850 by my side.

    Mostly ... thanks for listening and being responsive BlackBerry. THAT is one of the reasons why I am a loyal fan.
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    04-29-13 05:13 PM
  13. eyalk's Avatar
    Sorry if already mentioned:

    Facebook- everybody use it. I feel like I am using desktop version and not mobile. It is not working properly with my contacts, some of my contacts will show FB photos, and some don't.

    HUB- Accounts setting is switching to "off" randomly. Shortly after I switch them back to "on", other accounts switch to "off".

    US Advertising- In my opinion the TV ads are bad. No one but me (a z10 owner) understand what is "hub" "time shifting", the ads are all over the place and not focused. Blackberry needs to do much better ads that focus on the super-phone, and not just the brand name that many people in the US believe is dead.

    OS Updates- I believe that all software updates should be taken away from the carriers and be pushed by Blackberry. It can be done OTA or through dedicated update site.
    Timeline- I would like to know when the update are scheduled to be released, "upcoming weeks" is not good enough.

    Bridge functionality- I am sure that it was mentioned at least 10 times.

    That's all for now. Thanks for the opportunity.
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    04-29-13 05:28 PM
  14. Mpio1's Avatar
    To be honest, I understand that alot of things arent working in bb10 as they should. And I give blackberry time To improve in the coming months BUT I cannot believe that an os that has been pushed back more then a year To make in perfect has random reboots!!!

    This is not acceptable and I am truly dissapointed in blackberry because of the reboots. So for me that is the number 1 priority that blackberry should have.

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-13 05:32 PM
  15. QtHelex's Avatar
    There was a very useful feature at my Nokia N900 Contacts App I would love to see also at the Z10. It were possible at the N900 to display a Contact based on the Nickname field and I were especially able to search based on a Nickname.
    If the Nickname Field of a contact in the list was empty the contacts App has simply shown first name and surname like the default setting.

    This way I were able to customize the appearance of each contact in my Contact List and entries like "T-Mobile Hotline" got possible. Also I added "Tags" behind contact names like [Doctor] - when I searched for Doctor in my Contacts App I got all my Contacts filtered and it displayed all my doctor relevant contacts, also my dentist. And I even saw directly in this list why a contact was found.

    It was very Handy and I really miss this at my Z10. Searching based on this information doesn't work at the moment. Currently it not even displays the nicknames in the details page, I have to edit a contact to see this information.
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    04-29-13 05:42 PM
  16. Bdot-1's Avatar
    I fully bought a Z10 expecting a network ok green LED like every blackberry has had for many years. It is a must for business users within cities. Many areas of office towers and underground do not have service. Because headless API are not allowed, a 3rd party app is not an option as it will be constantly kicked out of the 8 available apps that can sit in the background.

    Secondly the remember app is a great start but we need to be able to put a time in as well.
    04-29-13 06:35 PM
  17. bbfan1040's Avatar
    1. Due to Confidentiality requirements Contacts need to be updated thru link. Same as on Bold 9700.
    2. I understand vendor has alternative solution in for approval to include in BB World.

    Also, choice in setup needed to disable side buttons - volume controls. I am terrible at accidently pushing then.

    Also, preferred Bold 9700 GPS driving directions- was easier for me to use!

    Blackberry has created an amazing software. I often use it instead of Playbook - especially for using browser to find answers.

    Thanks for job well done. Sorry for long answers! I love my Z10. So much more than 9700, & so much faster!
    Last edited by bbfan1040; 04-29-13 at 07:03 PM.
    04-29-13 06:39 PM
  18. bbfan1040's Avatar
    Heavy users can carry extra battery. Chargers are available to charge phone & second battery. Since competition requires recharge without option to carry battery, this isn't a problem for me.
    04-29-13 06:50 PM
  19. BerryWizard's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    04-29-13 07:05 PM
  20. RazzBerry's Avatar
    My request is small. I would just like the ability to allow certain callers through the bedside mode when clock is on. I need calls from family for emergencies only, not anyone else. Thanks
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    04-29-13 09:17 PM
  21. kirk215's Avatar
    I need some details around this. What are the two or three main problems with the Contacts app from your perspective? If possible compare with legacy BBs.
    The Z10 contact app does not have the same functinallity as the legacy OS. There is no way to put your contacts into groups or categories so you can filter only the group you want. Also I found that birthdays and anniversaries in the contact app do not transfer to the calendar app. I'm not positive but I think they did on Legacy. Otherwise I am loving the new platform.
    04-29-13 10:20 PM
  22. biotechx's Avatar
    Great new device/OS.
    I don't like the way the pictures app files/organizes pictures. If friend sends a picture in a text message, I have to send it in an email to myself and then it's only available in recent photos, I can't seem to file it.
    I agree. As a matter of fact, I don't like the way media files in general are handled/organized at all. In particular, I hate that recently added and viewed files come up first with no option to just go straight to the library. The settings and options for media files seems to be quite limited compared to legacy BB's.

    I'd also like to have the option to lock the screen from the display instead of pressing the top button; it's not that big a deal, but it would be a lot easier to just tap an icon when you are using the phone one-handed.

    I concur with others who have issues with the phone app; it's a tad slow and more complicated than it needs to be. It doesn't make sense that it stays open when the call is completed, either.
    04-29-13 10:43 PM
  23. CMcRob's Avatar
    I would like to be able to customize the actual HUB list. For example, I do not use BBM, and it is irritating that it is listed in the list. I was able to get rid of fb and twitter, but BBM will not go away.

    Posted via CB10
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    04-29-13 11:53 PM
  24. Hrishikesh Patel's Avatar
    Hub is a great features of BlackBerry 10. But when ever we go out from the HUB and reopen the HUB after some notification is received it should show the new notification not the old one which was seen some time back.

    For example a email is received and I open it and read it but have not clicked the back button and have directly gone to other app then when ever a new notification is received the HUB shows the previous open items not the new notification.

    Posted via BlackBerry Z10
    04-30-13 12:21 AM
  25. anon(4275744)'s Avatar
    I want my z10 to be able to beam images from the hubble space craft when ever I want to and then beam them around the world in less then 20 secs.

    Other then that the z10 pretty much fits perfectly with my expectations and needs nothing further.
    I'm shooting for the stars with this request....(hows that for a crappy pun). The James Webb telescope is replacing the hubble! We want Webb images! LOL

    From Zed to U via CB10
    04-30-13 12:33 AM
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