1. Dafunkhead's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    Following the move from my 9900 to my Z10, I just realised that the voicemail number was not activated in the 'Call Forward' phone setting. In order to add it in, I had to manually scribble the number on a piece of paper and add it in manually. There was no option to copy and paste a number. However, after keying in the number for one of the call forward options, it became available for the next option. A little annoying, nothing more.

    I also noticed that if I used the 'Dailing Pad' phone function to make a call, it only recognises the numeric character and not the alphabetical characters to trigger the names in my contacts. Very odd...any one else with this same issue?
    02-05-13 07:41 AM
  2. GrumpyDealer's Avatar
    My Z10 continually loses its voice-mail number. I can copy & paste it from my call log and save it & it works fine. But then it randomly loses it again! Any one else suffering the same problem?
    02-10-13 11:58 AM
  3. cjcampbell's Avatar
    I still do as I always did for voicemail. Just press and hold 1 and off it goes. As for using the dial pad, there is the contacts option at the bottom as well. Select that instead of the dial pad and you'll get what you are looking for. (I hope anyway)
    02-10-13 12:02 PM

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