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    I made a detour after work today and stopped by the V-Store to toy with a V-branded Z10. First, there was no buzz in the store,..not for the Z10 or any other phone for that matter. I guess it's because of post Easter, etc. Anyways, after telling the V-Employees that I was just there to toy with the Z10, they point it out to me. The main thing I wanted to do was do a comparison of Verizon's LTE speed against that of AT&T,...even though there was no AT&T LTE in that area. So, I got the Z10 out of Demo mode and proceeded with the test @ SpeedTest.net (...of which, seems to take a long time to load on the Z10 fro some reason). Anyway, I was stunned with the results. While my AT&T branded Z10 struggled up to 3mbps (...on an HSPA+ signal),...the Z-Store Z10 never cracked 2mbps. I couldn't believe it. I'm now thinking that the U.S. carriers have the LTE neutered. How can BB win when test results show such skewed numbers. I'm going to run a quick Speedtest right now,..from where I live: Results - 7.82mbps Down / 1.14Mbps Up. That's all via HSPA+ - No WiFi. Here are the blazing WiFi numbers,...20.02 Down / 8.05 Up! So clearly, there is something suspicious at the V-Store.

    I should note there was no Z10 bashing. Also, I'm not sure the V-Sales folks even realized that I had my on Z10.

    Lastly, here's a parting speed test,...HSPA+ only,...9.07Mbps Down / 1.17Mbps Up!

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    04-01-13 07:58 PM
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    Here's my thought: Speed tests are irrelevant. Every test will be different, so what's the point?
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    04-01-13 08:03 PM
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    My speedtest.net 4G LTE test were insane. It probably depends on where u are and the time u test. My first test was at 2 in the morning and got over 50Mbps down and 7Mbps.

    Now it's 29dwn and 9up

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    04-01-13 08:07 PM
  4. C0mbez's Avatar
    It's not the Z10, it's network congestion...

    AT&T and VZW use 700mhz for LTE. When it's uncongested the network is great, however when it's congested, speeds slow way down. In Denver, VZW gets 5-10 m during peak hours and 20 in the middle of the night. ATT still has a shiny new LTE network in Denver and it's speeds are consistently above 20. This will change. Both networks will start slowing down in heavily populated areas (or areas with poor coverage) until both ATT and VZW start supplementing their networks with a higher frequency spectrum (AWS for VZW and WCS for ATT). VZW is not slated to roll out AWS until later this year.

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    04-01-13 08:15 PM
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    which is why i stuck to tmobile
    04-26-13 08:15 PM
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    Tempe Az, LTE on Z10, blazing 22mbps. Incredible speeds
    04-26-13 09:16 PM
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    How are you using speedtest.net?
    Whenever I try, all I get is an error message. Says its not available for my device.

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    04-26-13 10:28 PM
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    Howdy I went to Verizon & AT&T stores as well but I found that both chains had decent Z10 displays and the clerks knew a little so I was not disappointed.

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    04-26-13 10:43 PM
  9. jrohland's Avatar
    How are you using speedtest.net?
    Whenever I try, all I get is an error message. Says its not available for my device...
    Open the browser, enter this address on the bar at the bottom: http://speedtest.net
    When the Begin Test button appears, press it.

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    04-26-13 10:51 PM
  10. ortizjj's Avatar
    Speeds are irrelevant.

    If it loads things fast you won't care what the speed is.

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    04-26-13 11:52 PM

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