1. Marko M1's Avatar
    This used to happen more often on older OS versions, now it's not so often, but it still occures sometimes. I am aware that there is no fix for this untill BlackBerry solves it, but I'm curious to find out does happen to you guys (and gals).
    It happens when I type in Hub, sometimes in SMS, other in FB, BBM, it gets stuck like this, and i have to wait minute or two for phone to sort it out and continue to work normaly.
    Virtual keyboard stucks when I type A-josnekom.png

    and it happens only on letter A, never on some other letter.
    06-14-14 01:23 PM
  2. PHughes's Avatar
    Maybe it's Canadian.

    Have you tried a hard restart? Do you have a case with a screen protector? Probably no help but other than a damaged digitizer or something interfering with it, I have never seen this happen.
    06-14-14 01:35 PM

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