1. richard_s1881's Avatar
    So you can screen capture your screen to a picture, what about video capture your screen? There an app to do that so you could capture say 5seconds of whats on your screen?
    12-09-13 09:54 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Well BBM video can be used to share the screen and show someone how to do something BUT you can't really record it, at least not that I know of.
    12-09-13 09:59 PM
  3. Uzi's Avatar
    yes there is an app for that in bbw, wait I search for you

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    12-09-13 10:01 PM
  4. richard_s1881's Avatar
    Ya very true, I guess I was just wondering how to do it when users dont have a BB10 device
    12-09-13 10:01 PM
  5. eldricho's Avatar
    There's an app that has the functionality, it has been posted here in the forums. I'll do a quick search for ya

    Voila, http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=870837

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    12-09-13 10:02 PM
  6. Uzi's Avatar
    Check out Screen Recorder in BlackBerry World! You can find it at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webst...ntent/40383923

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

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    12-09-13 10:04 PM
  7. Uzi's Avatar
    eldricho beat me hehe

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    12-09-13 10:05 PM
  8. richard_s1881's Avatar
    thanks guys, much appreciated
    12-09-13 10:09 PM
  9. eldricho's Avatar
    eldricho beat me hehe

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    Well couldn't lose twice! Thurask already beat me in another thread hehe

    You're welcome, Richard! Do tell the dev how you experienced his app in the thread after trying it.

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    12-09-13 10:11 PM
  10. pkcable's Avatar
    Much thanks guys!!!!!!
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    12-09-13 10:24 PM
  11. richard_s1881's Avatar
    Got the app, very usefull, works 95%. Sometimes a little choppy with the recording on playback, or playback duration isnt as long as i had recorded it so it seems sometimes. But generally get it perfectly. But all in all 4.7/5
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    12-10-13 12:56 AM
  12. pkcable's Avatar
    This is how we roll at CB!
    12-10-13 12:58 AM

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