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    I will not name vendors.

    Keep in mind that unlocking vendors will do anything to keep your money even when it comes to failing at unlocking your Z10! Beware that even if you have provided "continuous video proof/evidence" of the whole process, you might not even get your full refund unless you dispute the process with your credit card company.

    Another important thing is never pay through PayPal. PayPal will not handle service dispute charges and they are tenuous at that. Paypal's primary objective is to promote money transaction and make a percentage off of every transaction so it makes sense for them to side even with unscrupulous vendors over you. If you pay through PayPal, make sure to choose "pay by credit card" option. This way, you can always call your bank and have them pull the money out of their pockets when sh*t hits the fan.

    What I also noticed that I had received an email originating from someone at Telus processing my Rogers Wireless Z10 unlock. Weird. One of the reps, Robert, was forward enough to inform me that some vendors are still using code generators designed for old BlackBerries and not the z10. Go figure.

    If you don't want to deal with all that mess, unlock with CrackBerry's unlocking service, no questions asked. They are friendly and have outstanding customer service. Heck, this particular individual even responded to my email at 4-5 in the morning and told me to get rested and that the unlock will arrive the next morning, which it did . Kevin at CB, as I've read on the forum, has made sure that he wants a good unlocking experience for all BlackBerry z10 users in the midst wrong codes being generated from other vendors. How cool is that? He genuinely wants people to realize that owning a BlackBerry is a good experience and he has written this.

    Though it'd be better to unlock with just 8 numbers, but when you're running out of unlocking attempts as I have, go with all 16 digits as sourced from CB. Though 8 digit has worked for many, that's just my experience of typing in just the first 8 of 16 I've received.

    I am grateful. Ciao

    YouTube Videos Here:

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    Thanks for the tip, video, and recommending to stick with reputable CrackBerry services!
    05-11-13 04:57 PM

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