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    After months of owning Z10 I'm preety happy with it, but just today I copied video recorded on my phone to my PC and video looks awfull.
    It's not problem in quality of video itself, but in some ugly aspect ratio, video I recorded is just too narrow. Here is a screenshot from that video played on my computerVideo aspect ratio-image-1.jpg
    It's recorded in 1080p, it has same problem with 720p. Quality is poor because I used zoom option to the max. But it's preety ugly for all my videos to look like this (narrow and long).

    Mod can delete this thread, because i just found out that if I hold my phone in landscape mode it will record normaly.
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    02-13-14 09:24 PM
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    Record videos in landscape to get a full screen image

    Posted via CB10
    02-13-14 09:29 PM
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    That's what will happen if you record videos in a vertical / portrait orientation. Unless you have a screen that swivels to portrait, how else would it look?

    Sorry if I misunderstood your post. If I did, please set me straight.
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    02-13-14 09:29 PM

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