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    First off sorry if this is a repost. I did try searching. It looks like some things may have changed with this topic when BB 10.2 was released giving users access to APN settings. I ordered a used/refurbished "unlocked GSM" Z10 on Amazon. When it arrived I noticed the Verizon branding all over it. This means that its the STL-100-4 version. I figured it would still work on Straight Talk since it can use GSM (not an expert here or anything). Though I think Straight Talk can use Verizon phones too. So I'm also a bit confused if I should had tried to set it up as GSM or CDMA. I did order an ATT sim for it which i'm trying to use. I'm able to edit the apn settings, but so far voice, data and SMS work but no MMS. Having working MMS is important to me for work. Here's my settings:

    APN: tfdata
    MMSC URL: http colon slash slash mms-tf dot net (sorry new here and cant post links yet)
    Proxy URL: mms3 dot tracfone dot com:80 (sorry new here and cant post links yet)

    Is anyone else using this version of the z10 on straight talk and have working mms? what are your settings?
    10-30-14 03:56 PM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    From what I've read I believe you can register a CDMA phone on Straight talk.

    Phone Information
    10-30-14 08:39 PM
  3. bimmin's Avatar
    Blarg, no luck. Bad experience with my first BB
    11-01-14 04:43 PM

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