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    Hey all. I thought I would chime in here about Verizon. I called them a week ago to find out about some issues I was having and the rep had told me I was eligible for an upgrade. I already knew i was going to buy a Z10 but I replied that I knew and was looking at some phones. He said that he thought that if I continued with an IPhone that would be best. I told him I wanted to switch and he said that he though that the Android system that he has been using is actually the best. I replied that I didn't like it too much and wanted the BB Z10 to which he replied that the OS was "complicated" and he was surprised that it is what I wanted!! I told him that I thought that it was the best choice because of the gestures etc... I dont remember how it ended but it made me feel sorry for BB that a carrier's rep is pushing someone else without an open mind. Fast forward today and I'm in a verizon store helping my wife buy a case and and elderly lady is there to upgrade her phone and she sees me playing around with the Z10. She asks me what i think. I tell her and she says that the rep on the phone told her that the new Z10 OS is too complicated and not recommended. She owns a curve currently. Before leaving I told her she should consider it and play with it a little while before deciding. Oh and someone told her that BB is a dieing company so she should look for another brand....
    04-13-13 07:08 PM
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    Yeah most reps push what they personally like the best. Just how it is. Not all are that way though. My rep, an iPhone user, loved the Z10 and had a ball showing it off to me and talking about it.

    Posted via Crackberry Z10
    04-13-13 07:11 PM

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