1. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    I made a video on YouTube demonstrating the ability to use a Wii remote on the Z10 for gaming. It's hard evidence that it does in fact work and really well I might add.


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    06-25-13 04:22 PM
  2. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    Here s a non-mobile link.

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    06-25-13 04:23 PM
  3. sgt_snacks-64's Avatar
    I use Retro arch to play my old Master System games using a wii remote. Love it

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    06-25-13 04:29 PM
  4. SkaterGuy2k's Avatar
    That's awesome have you tried critical wave with the wii remote. I know I was able to use the steelseries free blue tooth controller with it no problem. Great video thanks

    Posted from My Z10 via CB10
    06-25-13 04:56 PM
  5. scottdpreece's Avatar
    What games on BlackBerry World are compatible with the remote? Thanks for the video; paired my Z10 to the Wii remote, my son will be stoked.

    Posted via CB10
    07-18-13 07:10 PM
  6. OldSkoolVWLover's Avatar
    Awesome, a new use for all those remotes laying around my house

    Posted via CB10
    07-18-13 07:20 PM
  7. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    So far, Shadow Gun seems to work.

    I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!
    07-18-13 08:53 PM
  8. scottdpreece's Avatar
    Thanks I'm trying to get my geek on. How do you post a new thread? I have DLNA issues.

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    07-18-13 10:21 PM
  9. scottdpreece's Avatar
    Little violent. If you know of others post them to the thread. Thanks again.

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    07-18-13 10:25 PM
  10. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    Post a new thread by going into a specific forum. Start with forums, then select BB10, and then Z10 as an example. Once you're in a specific forum, the new thread button will appear.

    I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!
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    07-18-13 10:43 PM
  11. asiayeah's Avatar
    I just tried Wii controller with Critical Wave but I could only select the menu items and I can't move the ship at all. It looks like critical wave requires the analog joystick which isn't supported with the Wii controller.
    09-29-13 06:36 AM
  12. Just Giver's Avatar
    Kids got a Wii for Xmas so I thought I would try this. Installed Retroarch and paired with Wii remote but all four lights stayed flashing once connected unlike just one in the video.

    I tried the remote in Retroarch but no go review the input device and tried all options available but still same result. Out of ideas.........Thoughts.

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-14 08:26 PM

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