1. Bryony Steel's Avatar
    Apologies if this is already in the forum somewhere. I promise I have had a really good scout about and haven't found a thread already on this subject out there.
    (Please don't all lampoon me if there is)

    Does anyone know of a method for uploading batches of pictures from the Z10 to a specific album on Facebook? I have tried the following apps with little or no success :

    Uploader for Facebook: doesn't allow selecting album

    Social apps : Should have worked but the drop down box to select album disappeared when I clicked it. Reinstalled, same thing happened. Ported app I think.

    iloader - didn't function at all.

    Right now the only option I have is to bluetooth or link across the individual pictures to laptop, reorganise, label them and upload them from Picasa. Kind of a bind when you have limited time, but all my pictures going into Mobile Uploads isn't great either.

    Any suggestions, apps or other methods you guys may know of woukd be gratefully received.

    Happy Friday!


    Posted via CB10
    04-26-13 05:56 AM
  2. RazzBerry's Avatar
    When you upload mobile photos with your phone, snapshots are placed in the "BB10" album on your Facebook profile. But you know that.
    The problem lies withing the app development. I believe it needs more fine tuning. I used to be able to select the album I wanted on the older BlackBerry models.
    04-26-13 07:04 AM

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