1. Anirudh Dar's Avatar
    Hey folks - a quick question. I'm planing an upgrade of my device from a Z10 to Z30.. would all my existing applications etc also get transferred or would i need to download all of them again.
    01-31-14 02:57 AM
  2. killianb's Avatar
    As long as you backup to BlackBerry Link first, you can transfer the backup to the new Z30 and everything will move across. The only thing that doesn't transfer is Android apps you'll need to install all of those manually again, so make a list of what you have and just grab the APKs.
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    01-31-14 03:20 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    You will have to use the same BBID. And some apps may not work on the larger-screened Z30. But in the main, things should be okay.
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    01-31-14 11:08 AM

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