1. vdoman's Avatar
    It is with deep regret that I resign myself to the unfortunate fact that I MUST sell my Brand New Blackberry Z10. While there is so much to like about this phone, the undeniable truth I must face is that since I am somewhat visually impaired, I need to be able to enlarge fonts to be able to read emails (email is the main feature for me). Although you can pinch/zoom BB10s email it will not auto-wrap which causes me to have to scroll all over to be able to read them. Unfortunately that makes the Z10 essentially unusable for my needs. I have never sold a phone on this forum or anywhere else so excuse me if I am not following proper procedures here. My Z10 is an UNLOCKED Rogers phone, color black. I have been using it on AT&T in New Jersey without any issues. I have used it so little that the battery has only been charged 4 times. The phone, boxing, and all accessories are in brand new condition. I paid the retail price of $898.00 for the phone. If anyone is interested in purchasing this phone or would like more information, please PM me. I will accept any reasonable offer near my original purchase price.
    02-21-13 07:19 PM
  2. UserName872's Avatar
    Very interested, PM sent!
    02-21-13 07:23 PM

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