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    I saw that someone had a similar problem with the BMO app that was not, as I know, resolved.
    I have an unlocked Z10 on T-mobile, I wanted to down load the CBC radio app ( I have the CBC news app).It say that it is for BB10 devices, my guess is that it is blocked not due to the device, but blocked due to region/country ( T-mobile).

    the app was released about a year ago ( jan 2013) but on BBworld it says that it is not available for my device ( the download size is 0 kb). but if you go through the CBC's link to BBworld it says that all carriers are supported, my device is supported but that the only country supported is Canada. If I go back home could I download it there or is this restricted by sim ? Although it appears I am trying to subvert the country restrictions, I stream cbc radio on a pc in my office all the time.

    what would happen if I pulled the SIM, logged into BBworld over wifi and tried to redownload it ? would it still block me ?

    12-27-13 11:54 AM
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    Why are you listening to cbc radio lol.
    Just kidding.

    Are you able to remove sim when back in Canada or even try with network shut off over wifi?

    I would assume BBW monitors IP addresses as well so trying to access it from another country on wifi likely won't work either.

    Could be wrong but just my thoughts...

    Posted via CB10
    12-27-13 12:01 PM
  3. sandysan's Avatar
    I think that the CBC ( although much maligned) is something that you only miss when you cant get it. I can only stand so much of " dingo and the baby" and agricultural forcasts. And really how else can one keep up with all the machinations of the rob ford scandal in real time.

    Q is a good show ( at least I think so). I might be able to get a rogers SIM sent to me in order to get the 10.2 OTA and then I might be able to download it, then swap the sim and see what happens. My guess is that region restrictions are for download/installation only that it wont check by IP or location before launching if its succesfully loaded.
    12-27-13 12:15 PM
  4. shanefoster75's Avatar
    Yes I don't think cbc will be checking anything if you get it loaded on your phone and would run fine.

    Have you tried tunein? I've found some cbc stations on that app....

    Posted via CB10
    12-27-13 12:18 PM

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