04-13-13 08:59 AM
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    Remember that as much as people hate the iPhone, it's the popular phones that allow a carriers to provide less popular phones at the moment.

    The sales people have a product that sells itself so they can dedicate their time on other things i.e. Z10, etc. I made the switch to t-mobile yesterday and waited an hour. On the counter between the two sales people (7 in total) where I was standing, they kept a tally of how many new customers/upgrades.... Everyone there was iPhone related.

    These anecdotal stories of showing off features are great but people were ditching old blackberries, android or moving from the 4/4s to the 5. I had one fellow in front of me w/ the Z10 and iPad Mini how he liked the device? His response was its a fine product but the idea of security wipe/ battery pulls and problematic apps was enough for him to get the IPH5.
    04-13-13 08:59 AM
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