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    It was January 30th, 2013. I could hardly sleep the night before, inviting all my friends to tune into the live webcast, CNBC's live broadcast and more. Then... The anxious waiting period for my small company to get as many phones as possible. Waiting for the Z(Zed)10 to arrive at my doorstep in that beautiful new black box, refreshing the pages of the BlackBerry website to see the all new BlackBerry Z10 and how refreshing those pages were and still are. It was surreal to us BlackBerry addicts. It was more than introducing us into a new era and redefining BlackBerry. It was the preparation of a new grand design of personal and professional productivity. For those who have ears to hear, can you feel me?

    Unboxing my phone, taking a step back and just looking, reading again the previous week and for the fourth time, "BlackBerry...The Inside story of Research In Motion, by Rod McQueen Inside BlackBerry was almost spiritual to me. Yes, most people won't go so far as to read the book unless you eat, live, and breath your own device and have developed a personal relationship with it. But there's that feeling, new and old, of the faithful 'blue & white; everything that personifies us BlackBerry people who outsiders will never, ever understand. You thought Linus was bad with his blanket?...

    This flagship Zed was a new beginning for me, after having gone through every BlackBerry through the years. Yes, it's become an illness, an obsession or elevated obsession, but nonetheless, getting the freak on has developed into full bloom in every sense of the word. Does anyone remember that feeling when it arrived at your door or wherever you got it? Hell, I even decided at the last moment to go down to UPS and pick it up and change delivery methods, cancelling appointments, forgetting to pick my friend up at the airport. Oh yea, I've gotten beaten up verbally and emotionally because of my love for BlackBerry. As Tim the Toolman Taylor used to say in one episode, "'s an extension of my body..." (LOL).

    Going through that first setup was a dream. The beauty of the graphics, the progressiveness of getting to the new home page, seeing the quality of the ebb & flow, peek and new gestures as it were. This was power in my hands, new confidence, new inroads into showing everyone and, tantamount, expressing that this flagship device will reach its peak in about two years or so, even back then. Can you imagine that first day of J/30/13 and having 10.3.1 inside at that time? The Zed 10 fits in your hand comfortably, exceedingly personal like a beautiful glove, cozy, personal, all yours.... Yes, I'm sick I'm sure over it all. I love all BlackBerrys, I just can't get enough of them or which one to use each day, but for some reason, even above the beloved Q10, it was that first day, the first week, and the first couple of months of getting to know MyZed, MyZ, everyone's Z, and how it was more than 'kickass'.

    No one could understand. No one. I plugged it everywhere and people with their iPhones and Droids were cotton-mouth after I got through with them, trying to explain to me which is the standard device by which all other mobile devices are measured by? Clearly a shutout, the Zed10. Who would have thought? Do you still use your Z10, the beloved flagship? Are you still crazy about it as from that first day when you unboxed it, neatly placing every accessory on your table, going through the steps, thinking about how your life will be transformed by using it and what the possibilities are? Hella bad...Weez gonna rock this house...

    In owning a BlackBerry, to those who really, really, no, I mean REALLY love what BlackBerry is, you know the feeling. It is extremely personal, a love that cannot be defined. Hell, I've lost friendships over this obsession, even a family member down the cousin line. Don't matter to me, I know my B. I know my B

    I know my B... Get your B on...

    Like most addicts, I've installed every leak possible through the years, hundreds of notes on what I'd like to see or not see, and so forth. It isn't arriving. It is starting.

    It's mind-blowing, and the best is yet to come, but never, ever forget your Z and how it all started that very day in J/13. Never. Maybe hundreds of thousands thought we were behind before we started. To me there was no comparison. None. Funny too, I've received so many calls from my tech friends through the last two years saying at either Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and the lesser providers, the least amount of calls for support were the BlackBerry people.

    We know our phones. We are self-directed, power driven to know our babies. There's no feeling like it. None...

    Appreciate your Zed10 as we approach two years, a whole two years coming up that seemed to go by faster than ever, yet, in using my Zed10s with 10.3.1, the device has matured into perfection, equaling the power of the OS with that of what's inside the actual device itself. Obviously it's where we should have been two years ago, but as I've told thousands of people, QNX will evolve and mature with BlackBerry devices and will come back in the market place like a rushing river that's been held back... Formidable, acute, and succinct, as if the device actually talks to you without speaking (way before the BB Assistant...)

    Yes, BlackBerry is the standard by which all other mobile devices are measured by. It really is. You want it all, come get a BlackBerry, then live the possibilities. They are endless.

    And, with the new Passport and Classic, it keeps getting better and better, but again, never forget who sacrificed its life for the new devices in paving the way for the new era in mobility, your Z10. Everyone's Z10.

    Take it out of its case and just 'look' at it when you can. Clean it, appreciate it, enjoy what it can do for you, because what really makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry is YOU, me, and the lives it transforms, the relationships it strengthens, and defining real success on the inside of your heart.

    Get your B on...
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    01-19-15 03:17 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    A very nice commentary. Thanks.
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    01-19-15 03:27 PM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    Thanks for your inspirational remembrance.....
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    01-19-15 03:37 PM
  4. der_mit's Avatar
    Haha, good stuff. It's coming up to my Z10s 2nd birthday soon, still as zippy as on day one.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-19-15 04:28 PM
  5. vbdwork's Avatar
    Hell, I've lost friendships over this obsession, even a family member down the cousin line.
    You're crazy. It's just a phone. I can't imagine your emotions if it was a Ferrari California.
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    01-19-15 07:46 PM
  6. Fistmaster's Avatar
    Great thread, Sir.

    I do remember the love, excitement, energy and passion CB had before and when BB10 had its kickoff.

    I remember when the start has been delayed, which was a huge turn-off here for many users. I remember when it was announced that the Q10 will come out in April/May. But when BB10 was there, it was a blast!

    I remember when CB Kevin was 100% Blackberry and his passionate articles. The "first Z10 buyer", Skype and other major apps on-board, Thorsten Heins interview, and many other positive articles about BB10.

    It was indeed a new era and start! I remember when I ordered my Q10! I even made another contract just to get it! I was checking out the BB website the whole time. I remember checking out this huge thing called the "hub"! and many other fine stuff.

    And yes! 2 years now! Where has the time gone? Where, please?

    I had a Q10 and a Z30 and I had so much fun with these devices. Having an alternative to what the "masses" are following and relying on a top notch device like Blackberry gave me a feeling of security! A Blackberry was like my personal assistant! My partner in crime for every aspect of life. Whether it's business, family, wife, photos, etc. A Blackberry never let me down!

    So understand please, what went through my body when I heard about the Samsung rumors.

    I hope we can have fun for a very long time with this special brand called Blackberry and its very special community!

    Long live BlackBerry!
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    01-19-15 08:00 PM
  7. Raestloz's Avatar
    I live streamed the launch event with my 512Kbps modem, I never livestreamed anything before

    Pre-ordered the thing and has been satisfied with it for 2 years

    Z10 STL100-1/
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    01-19-15 08:14 PM
  8. m3ach's Avatar
    Wow you got it bad!

    I love my Z10 too, so much I bought a second in case this one gives up.

    Posted via CB10 using my Z10 STL100-2 /
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    01-20-15 11:54 AM
  9. danfrancisco's Avatar
    Great posting! I felt the exact same way when I got thr Z10 on day 1 having gone through my fair shares of Pearls, Curves and Bolds.

    I will say though, the Z10 love exponentially grew after 10.1 came out. It was at that point for me when BB10 really made me forget my 9900.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-20-15 12:19 PM

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