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    Since the release of Z10 everybody have been complaining about its pathetic battery life. So how much time do your Z10 take to do a full recharge after the battery has been fully drained...? Does it improve after the update?

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    05-20-13 09:23 AM
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    Stock charger 2-2.5hrs
    IPhone charger 1.6hrs
    PB charger 1.2hrs

    Software updates wouldn't really make a noticeable difference on charging times.
    05-20-13 09:27 AM
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    I love the Z10, but, yes, I've had a moan about the battery life. But I've been moaning about BB batteries for years now. The only BB i've had with a decent life was the last Curve. The Bold 9900 was rubbish on that front, as is the Z10, IMO.

    I carry 2 spare batteries (sad, but true). I've personally seen little difference in the 10.1 battery life. Yesterday, I was out from 11am, and back home by 1am. In fairness, I hammered the Z10 all day. Photos, videos, mapping, calls, texts. There wasn't really more than a 30min period where I wasn't using it. I started with 100%, and, but the time I got back 13hrs later, I had 5% left of my second battery. It did kinda justify having 2 spares tho', as, if I were away for the night too without a charge, I'd have been putting no.3 by the time the sun came up...

    To answer your Q, they've been recharged again today. From dead, I find about 90-120mins at most, and it's back to 100%.

    I should add that the battery life is pretty much my only gripe tho. My wife was with me all day yesterday, and her iPhone died at 9.30pm. Her battery lasted about 3 1/2hrs longer than my first, but that was that. No options for her.
    05-20-13 09:34 AM
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    After the update while charging my phone with the Blackberry charger it shows an error message that you can charge your battery faster if used an original charger provided by BB.

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    05-20-13 09:34 AM

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