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    Can you post your carrier, software version and OS version, and factory where the device was made (for example, Mexico 6)?

    There has to be some pattern to this as these reports did not seem to start coming in until the US launch happened.

    I am personally not experiencing this issue, but I would like to see if there is any way to get to the bottom of what is in common for all of these devices that are randomly rebooting.

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    04-15-13 10:42 AM
  2. niss63's Avatar
    04-15-13 10:45 AM
  3. Vickophan's Avatar
    Notice which SIM insert on Z10. With normal cutted SIM, causing reboot itself
    Change with new micro SIM, Z10 is running perfectly even if no SIM.

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    04-15-13 11:12 AM

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