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    My Z10 is here and my RAZR Maxx HD is going on the bay...

    First, thanks for an incredible community that helped make the decision to buy a lot easier! This forum and the frequent contributors make Crackberry a huge asset to the platform and the end user.

    After spending some time with it, the crazy thing is, the things I was expecting to really like aren't that big of a deal, and there are some other things that have been pleasant surprises.

    Here are a few of my favorite things...

    First, the OS. It puts the smooth in smooth. It doesn't matter how much horsepower is in your hardware if the OS is clunky. For all I loved about my RAZR Maxx HD, I realized how often my phone paused between commands. My Z10 operates flawlessly. I've yet to have an ap hangup, and I've yet to have the phone stutter between commands.

    Second, the fonts, icons and menus are elegant. This might not mean a great deal to most, but I really like how the text application looks. I like the appearance of the dailer/phone screens. It is clear to me that how it looked mattered to the people that put it together. (As an aside, I think the Windows phone folks have this pretty well sorted out as well- even more so than the large tech company that was really built on how things look.)

    Third, the keyboard is amazing, although I don't use it at all like I thought I would. I was enamored with the whole, "floating word over the next letter thingy"- what's strange is that with this keyboard you really don't need it. Just type- stop worrying about it and be amazed how often it makes all the right corrections. The software that does this is easily the industry standard.

    Finally, gestures. Pretty darned intuitive. Easy. Built around the way that you'd do things.

    I am anxious for more applications. For example, I LOVE audible- it is my an indispensable ap for me. I've started carrying an iPod just so that I can use some of the aps that haven't made it over to the Z10 yet.

    In short, great phone! Happy to be back in the Blackberry camp!
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    05-12-13 08:52 PM
  2. zten's Avatar
    Sweet great decision

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    05-12-13 08:53 PM
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    Welcome back to the Black side!
    05-12-13 09:02 PM
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    Thanks for sharing. Here are mine.

    Gestures: I fell in love with gestures on the PB. I wish that like the PB it was possible to close an app by continuing the upward swipe.

    No bloody buttons: It's great to go where I want with a swipe of my finger. I used to be frustrated whenever I wanted to use another app and have to access a menu to switch applications or press the back button (I am speaking about BlackBerry devices since I have no experience with other platforms). I feel free, untethered.

    Keyboard: I love flick typing. The first time I tried it I thought that I would never get used to it and, now, it's one of my favourite features to show off.

    HDMI: Another feature brought over from PB that I like.

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    05-12-13 09:29 PM

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