1. twwwdot's Avatar

    I just UPdated to 10.2.1 this weekend on my Z10.

    I cannot see the text messages when I select it in the HUB.
    When in HUB I can see emails, Text Messages, BBM etc...but when I want to ONLY see the Text messages nothing is there...even if I just received a Text. All other accounts are working fine.
    Looked through all the settings, but could not see anything.
    I do this since I have quite a few accounts in the HUB, I like to quickly look at one
    particular account at a time.,

    Anyone else having this issue.

    Thanks for the help.

    02-03-14 07:29 PM
  2. silversmith75's Avatar
    try refreshing your hub, go to top right hand corner of screen swipe to the middle 4 times i think 4 or 5 it should reset hub..see if that works... mine did that to but i just reset hub and they came back.. or search for one.
    02-03-14 08:19 PM

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