1. 1bbu's Avatar
    Hey All,

    Small problem here. I often find that specific text messages disappear from the hub. Then if I want to text that person again, I'd have to compose a new text message, and won't be able to see previous text messages until I send them another text. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I am using a Z10 on Bell, 10.1.
    06-10-13 12:09 AM
  2. illwill718's Avatar
    Yes this has been happening to me as well. It has gotten worse since the update, now when I text certain contacts it doesn't go out or appear to at all... also haven't received at text message since Monday. Day of T-mobile upgrade.

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-13 09:45 AM
  3. illwill718's Avatar
    Problem Solved: Tech support at T-Mobile was no help what so ever, Got fed up and took matters into my own hands. This issue seems to be with the database the houses your SMS messages, it may have been corrupted at some point. I believe mines was the result of doing one to many leak installs. The problems is our text messages and contacts are saved in the settings portion of the backup, so unlike on the old versions of BB Desktop Software we can not simply make a backup of all our data with the exception of the text messages and then just restore it. We have to take extra steps to achieve this...

    What you need:
    Blackberry Link
    SMS Backup (Download From Blackberry World)
    Contact X (Download From Blackberry World)
    SD Card

    What to do:
    1. Download and Install SMS Backup and Contact X
    - Using SMS Backup create a backup of your text messages and save them to your SD Card
    - Using Contact X backup your contacts and save them to your SD Card

    2. Using Blackberry Link create 2 separate backups (One with App Data/Media and the other just your settings)
    - In BB Link click on your device at the bottom left, then click on Settings at the Top Right (next to the ? mark), then under Backup put a check next to "Select data to include in your backup files", change the File Name to Blackberry -AppAndMedia-date, then put a check next to Application Data and Media ONLY, uncheck Settings, next hit Backup (either on the left hand side or at the bottom arrow next to your device name.
    - Flow the same steps above and create a backup of just your Settings (named Blackberry -Settings-data), uncheck Application Data and Media.

    3. Wipe your phone
    - On your device got to Settings > Security and Privacy > Security Wipe. Type in blackberry then proceed to wipe you device
    *I went as far as wiping my phone back down to factory level, this isn't necessary but i wanted to rid my phone of leaked OS software...*

    4. Restore Data
    -Once your phone has been wiped and you have done the initial setup of your phone, Connect your phone to BB Link and restore ONLY the Application and Media backup file. (The Setting backup will not be used, it just for archive purposes)
    - Next open Contact X and restore your contacts
    - Next open SMS Backup and restore your text messages

    Your SMS text messaging should be functioning like normal again. Because we did not restore the Setting backup you will need to re-enter any Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth connections, Alarms, Notification settings, etc.


    Hope this helps.... if i can help you with any of these steps let me know.
    06-13-13 01:56 PM
  4. teamryan15's Avatar
    Happens to me very rarely I'm on Verizon

    Posted via CB10
    06-13-13 01:58 PM
  5. Chriswm2's Avatar
    Damn, this Blackberry 10 frustrates me - just lost two days' text messages - all gone for those two days including some crucial contact details send to me that I can never get back - the messages for days prior are all there, after that as well. Just two random days in middle of last week gone. Disappeared. Makes weekly full backups over weekends. No help either.

    Updated to 10.1 long time ago. Unless Blackberry urgently sort this nonsense out, I will be a lost customer very, very soon. Too scared to even try 10.2
    11-05-13 05:13 AM
  6. TWOTAY's Avatar
    Suddenly my text messages threads are gone. I can see the last msg but when clicked (compose new msg, contact) this is so frustrating...I didn't do any updates. It just happened! What to do?
    12-22-16 11:36 PM

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