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    Purchased a z10 story 100-2 in March on the tmobile network here in UK and no problems so had it unlocked and still smooth running. In late May it dropped data signal for a few minutes and then started doing so randomly everyday. Few quick calls to tmobile and a simple card change, but the problem got more frequent and on occasions would take hours to resolve even with battery and simple card removal. After 3 sim card changes and dozens of phone calls to tmobile I was informed that my handset was faulty. Refusing to believe this i got a Vodafone sim card and...yes my z10 was back to running like a dream, no problems whatsoever. After one month with the Vodafone sim card I popped the tmobile sim back in and by the next day it was back to dropping data but this time it stayed off after I called tmobile and they done a system refresh. Few days later I am unto yet another sim card change and by the following day the data is gone only this time it's also saying no voice service meaning I can't make or receive calls. After more hours on the phone and countless diagnostic procedures tmobile said they could not find the source of the fault and as such they are allowing me to end my one year sim only contract early with no early termination fees to be paid. This however is after more than three months of hardly any service and my threat of going to the communications ombudsman with my case. I am now left wondering how many others might have encountered similar problems and we're told it was the z10 which was faulty when in actual fact it most probably was not......
    09-11-13 09:18 PM
  2. SHOBOKSHY's Avatar
    I had the problem and I solved it like this:

    Swipe down form home screen --> settings --> Network connections --> Mobile network --> Change network mode from 3G & 2G to 3G only

    After that my phone never dropped.
    09-11-13 10:00 PM

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