1. Camelhmpz's Avatar
    EDIT: It was listed today at $599, Original Post Below:

    An online sales rep with Verizon just verified for me their full retail price will be 650, I saw AT&T only wants 550... I really didn't wanna new contract and was hoping they would stick to the same pricing. I kind of need to keep Verizon with my grandfathered unlimited data.

    I thought about waiting for best buys Verizon phone... But there at&t price is like 700!

    Now I gotta decide if the unlimited data will really outweigh the cost. It seems as if I use an average of 2 gbs, which means I'll pay 10 dollars more a month for just 2 gigs now. Decisions decisions...
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    03-13-13 11:52 PM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Well if it's gonna be $10 more per month, then that's $240 over the life of you contract. Seems like an easy decision
    03-13-13 11:57 PM
  3. Camelhmpz's Avatar
    Ya I factored that in as well, only thing that scares me is after I full retail, they change their policy again in a short while, and my unlimited plan is pushed out anyhow.
    03-14-13 12:11 AM
  4. jeffchoi117's Avatar
    I'm in the same predicament, I'm grand-fathered in with my unlimited and i don't always go over 2 GB but occasionally do with heavy usage on my playbook during my commute and especially during Hurricane Sandy when I lost power and my home wifi so I relied on my mobile network. Also, I haven't used it in awhile, but I used to listen to Slacker Radio and that burn data like a beast.like 8GB a month easy.

    Personally for me, if the Z10 turns out to be great phone, like all the good-old BBOS features, with new tricks and without the glitches, then I would keep the phone well beyond the 2 year contract period to justify paying full price. The way I see it, its like buying a small tablet that can make phone calls and connect to 4G. If you're planning on changing phones within 2 years, then you mind as well give up the unlimited unless you're ok with paying for a lot of full price phones.

    $650 is a bit much. I was hoping $600 and under, but I feel its well worth the price, if expectations are met. Looking at Best Buy, a no-contract phone for AT&T is $700 so at least its cheaper than that.
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    03-14-13 12:23 AM
  5. nycspaces.'s Avatar
    not sure but i think they are not going to give you 4g unlimited. I thought they would force you to "upgrade" to 4g and not offer unlimited data.
    03-14-13 12:35 AM
  6. Lobwedgephil's Avatar
    Not if you buy outright, only if you upgrade.
    03-14-13 01:24 AM
  7. kpxstar9's Avatar
    VZW full retail is 599
    03-14-13 02:00 AM
  8. DukeL's Avatar
    $549 Wow thats a LOW PRICE!!

    YEah Verizon sucks. We signed my dad up for a smartphone last year because it was the last day they were offering unlimited data only we come to find out now that he can never upgrade or he will lose his unlimited data. THAT IS GARBAGE!!! So glad I ditched vzw a few years back. At&t has a lower outright price, lowest I've seen anywhere AND they allow me to keep my unlimited data no matter how many times I upgrade. I feel sorry for my poor dad and incompetent since I was his wireless advisor.
    03-14-13 03:48 AM
  9. Camelhmpz's Avatar
    Edited, it really was only 599, I just paid outright for it
    03-14-13 07:55 AM
  10. bunky1971's Avatar
    The thing you fellow UNLIMITED data guys need to remember - the Z10 will not have that compression on the data - your 2GB may be 3-4 and the 8GB may turn 10-12 or more
    IMO - buy the device outright or you'll be paying the outright purchase price back in the form of data overages -
    my 9930 averages 7GB a month - I cant wait to see what the Z10 will do -
    Im 22 days into my T-Mobile billing period and my Note 2 has over 3GB....I use 80/20 9930/note 2
    03-14-13 08:02 AM
  11. koool1's Avatar
    All I can tell ya'll is that in month 1 with my Z10 I hit 3.5GB, up from the usual 500MB with my Torch. That said, I did go a little crazy with the downloading and streaming. LTE will tempt you!

    I think you can live with 2GB, especially if you WIFI at home but.. unlimited is sweet.

    Posted via CB10
    03-14-13 08:09 AM
  12. sciblades's Avatar
    mine was 599 but with taxes and fees it ended up being 635.99
    03-14-13 08:11 AM
  13. Camelhmpz's Avatar
    mine was 599 but with taxes and fees it ended up being 635.99
    Lucky, my taxes were 50! but I avoided their BS "$30" upgrade fee paying for retail, so basically they want $230 to sign up for a 2 year contract and then at least $10 more a month
    03-14-13 08:15 AM
  14. DINGSTER1's Avatar
    Waiting for the Ebay'd ones to start showing up....
    03-14-13 08:53 AM

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