02-17-14 01:33 PM
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  1. Pradeep Reddy's Avatar
    if your phone is unlocked, just buya 4G lte Rogers sim on ebay for $5 & get the latest updates.
    no need to wait for anything & you can use that sim for future updates also.
    01-22-14 11:51 AM
  2. PHughes's Avatar
    FWIW I have the newest leak and Skype seems to run great on it. I can always keep up with the newest version thanks to Amazon and Snap for Google Play.


    Posted via CB10
    I am still on AT&T's official OS and run the sideloaded Skype, it works beautifully.
    01-22-14 02:19 PM
  3. ericschiff's Avatar
    I spent over an hour on the phone / hold with AT&T yesterday and finally reached a representative who was more knowledgeable (and personally has a Z10). Here's what I learned:

    1) AT&T was scheduled to release 10.2.1 on 2/14 but it was held for unspecified reasons -- I suspect they found some issues with the release and wanted to have them fixed first but this is my speculation.

    2) They do not have a new confirmed release date at this point -- but the representative thought there was a reasonable chance (but no commitment) that it would be out by end of this month.

    3) She discouraged me from updating software myself using one of the leaked versions as that could risk voiding the warranty if any issues occur. I'm willing to wait a little longer for a well tested official release but understand many others are not waiting.
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    02-17-14 12:48 PM
  4. Mozdony's Avatar
    Hello all in AT&T land. I too am on the AT&T network running a Z10 (STL100-3) and have recently used Sachesi software to do a non-destructive update to over my previous installation of The latest update was downloaded from the servers in the U.K. In the U.K., is an official, tested release, not a leak. The new version is, to coin a phrase, so way better on battery drain. So, if you are still waiting for an official release, I would download Sachesi, read some of the blog info on how to use it, and then go for the .bar files off the U.K. servers. Takes some time but the result was fantastic. I did notice, however, that my face focus camera and Porsche Design clock was taken out by the upgrade. Not to matter, however, I just side loaded the two necessary .bar files from the leak and they were back and working perfectly. So, why wait on AT&T? This forum is mostly dedicated to helping those that do not want to wait. Be like Nike, just do it! Then you will be happy.
    02-17-14 01:24 PM
  5. Pradeep Reddy's Avatar
    i used my Rogers sim(bought from ebay for $5) to get the 10.2.1 through wifi.
    but, when i pop-in my at&t sim in it, the phone automatically loaded the at&t bloat ware &
    phone is working perfectly fine without any issues!!!!
    02-17-14 01:33 PM
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