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    I have a warranty replacement Z10 sitting waiting for me at home. This will be my third - the last switch was done by my IT department and had no end of problems. My device is working well now except for one little glitch that caused me to have it replaced (http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...screen-846879/).

    I was going through BlackBerry Link and haven't found a device switch function like we used to have in the old BlackBerry Desktop.

    I know I'll have to work with my corporate IT on getting my corporate email/calendar etc. onto the device, but are there any "leading practices" out there that can make the switch (Z10 to Z10) less painful?
    09-30-13 05:59 PM
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    I know this may sound obvious, but did you try loading a backup on the new device?

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    09-30-13 06:03 PM
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    Haven't got the device in my hands yet, so no...but when my IT department did it, there were no installed apps, no settings, and no accounts, and the functioning of work/personal was completely different than on the original device.

    This time, I had the new device sent to me and I'll do the initial switch.
    09-30-13 06:05 PM
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    The is a switch device on link. Make sure you back up the old one first

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    09-30-13 06:52 PM
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    There is a switch device to device on link look for it
    Switching to a replacement Z10-img_00000411.jpg
    Switching to a replacement Z10-img_00000413.jpg

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    09-30-13 08:14 PM
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    are there any "leading practices" out there that can make the switch (Z10 to Z10) less painful?
    Checkout Fire Chest Backup. It's free in BB World.
    10-03-13 12:33 PM

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