1. sicklove's Avatar
    Now the real test begins, how long will it take for the BlackBerry to help me get laid?
    I love the hub already, this phone feels so grown up compared the iphone.

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    03-15-13 05:32 PM
  2. Baseball619's Avatar
    It's certainly amazing!

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    03-15-13 05:36 PM
  3. anon(5639363)'s Avatar
    For some reason I'm thinking the only way the z10 will get you the result you desire is if you use it to call an escort service. :-)
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    03-15-13 05:38 PM
  4. sicklove's Avatar

    Well, I was just talking to a fine young lady and the BlackBerry didn't cut out once! My iphone would drop calls if I didn't sit by the windows in my loft. The BlackBerry has far better reception so far.

    I might install badoo or whatever it's called tonight.

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    03-15-13 05:46 PM
  5. EauRouge's Avatar
    For some reason I'm thinking the only way the z10 will get you the result you desire is if you use it to call an escort service. :-)
    False. With the ease of messaging on the BlackBerry across many mediums (facebook, BBM, text etc) you could be wheeling several ladies at once.

    ... the more lines you cast out the better the chance for a bite

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    03-15-13 05:47 PM
  6. sicklove's Avatar
    Yeah I wrote a book about modern sex and dating


    I've used an iphone for the last 4 years, I wonder how different it will be with the BlackBerry. I already think it will be easier to multitask my business and personal life on this phone. The flow of using the BlackBerry is really nice so far.

    The salesman was really ****ting on the battery life of the z10, but it seems fine so far.

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    03-15-13 05:55 PM
  7. R Field's Avatar
    Lol it won't help you get laid if you don't have game. It will probably get you some extra attention from women if you use it in public though.

    CB10- z10
    03-15-13 06:01 PM
  8. R Field's Avatar
    The salesman probably didn't use it with the update it was 20-30% better afterwards.

    CB10- z10
    03-15-13 06:02 PM
  9. sicklove's Avatar
    I'm red pill all the way, damn this phone is so much faster than my iphone. I have so many apps and things open and it's still buttery smooth switching between them all.

    My friend bought a iphone 5 and her home button is already broken, haha.

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    03-15-13 06:17 PM
  10. brih7's Avatar
    Sucks to be your friend with the broken home button eh? Haha.
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    03-15-13 06:46 PM
  11. DJRikko's Avatar
    Home button? What is that?

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    03-15-13 07:11 PM
  12. ralfyguy's Avatar
    Sucks to be your friend with the broken home button eh? Haha.
    Well, I would go and fix her "home button" LMFAO
    03-15-13 08:47 PM
  13. sicklove's Avatar
    I'd post pics of her home button if I wouldn't be banned hahaha... haha... ha

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    03-15-13 08:57 PM
  14. brief's Avatar

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    03-15-13 09:25 PM
  15. arvind1983's Avatar
    I hardly use my Android phone after switching to Z10. I only use Viber on Android. Once Viber comes to BB World Z10 will be fantastic for me.
    03-15-13 10:53 PM
  16. Alan's Avatar
    I switched from an iPhone 5 to Z10 and have not looked backed. It is far superior in many ways. I do not need millions of apps, but I do need a solid work machine and the Z10 is just that. I now rarely use my PlayBook which I have had since launch. The touch keyboard is amazing. I love my Z10.

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    03-15-13 11:06 PM

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