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    I love my BlackBerry. Don't get me wrong but I need a tougher phone or case that's gonna do what I need it to do. Imagine welding day to day. Phone chimes. It's your kid wanting to ask a million questions. You pull your phone out. Unzip the plastic bag. Throw out a BBM. Put the phone back in bag. Place it in your pocket and it goes off again. I'm getting ready to switch the broke z10 to the new z10 but I know if I get metal dust again on the speakers. It will be z10 number five and the warranty is up and I would have to make a insurance claim. I've blown every z10 I've had because of the environment. I know I should just cave in and quit putting in my pocket. But I can't always do that when the kids are just now old enough to watch them selves and need to get a hold of me sometimes. I can't imagine something going wrong that I could of solved in a BBM voice call and didn?t have my phone. I need crackberry community help. I've been looking into nano coating. I don't know if I wanna pay that if it wears off and doesn't keep stuff off speakers. I'm looking into iPhone. Solely cause they got a case Otterbox makes that would do the job. The lack of fumbling with a bag would make up for what the iPhone don't have. I've looked at water proof phones and there not what I want in the tech area. This is my fourth z10 refurbished. Most people would give up but I'm asking any ideas before I give up and switch. I've never had this problem with any legacy device other than a trackball every six months to a year. I don't care for the classic or passport so waiting on that isn't gonna happen. Any help or phone suggestion I will be glad to here. As far as phone ideas. I would rather have z10 for our whole family but the speakers always blowing is a deal breaker. My kids are harder on phones so they all have legacy devices which have done impressed many times over to make me wonder if it's a build quality issue with z10 speakers. Help! Please!

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    07-20-14 04:40 PM
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    Maybe the Defender case with holster would be an option. I know some folks who have also put clear tape over the speakers to protect them from moisture, etc. They can still hear through the tape. Just a thought.

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    07-20-14 04:51 PM
  3. L.berrywiess's Avatar
    I considered tape but didn't think I could hear through phone. Thank you so much. Just another reason I didn't wanna leave. The crackberry community always looks out for each other. Any other ideas are welcomed. Thanks again!

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    07-20-14 05:03 PM
  4. Platinum_2's Avatar
    Let us know how it works out. you may have to try a few different types of clear tape to figure out what works best for you.
    07-20-14 05:19 PM
  5. otacon's Avatar
    Trying to keep dust away from the speakers will be difficult as that would mean covering up the speakers... I have mine in an Otterbox case and it works for me. However, my environment is behind a desk so you might need a slightly tougher casing.
    07-20-14 05:26 PM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    The older otterbox cases use to have a membrane (teflon, gortex) that protected the ports/speakers. They no longer has that I guess.
    07-20-14 07:22 PM
  7. mkelley65's Avatar
    Get a Jawbone and call it a day.
    07-20-14 07:36 PM
  8. dglx3d's Avatar
    L.berryweiss, I hear your pain. When I worked as a structural steel finisher, my Pearl 8130 would get loads of steel dust stuck to it. Had to take it apart to clear the speakers often. Eventually they didn't work well.

    Working in construction (boarding mostly) my current Z10 has to avoid very fine drywall dust. A Ziploc baggy is my only sure option. At least the screen still works through the bag.

    Lifeproof makes waterproof cases for istuff and Galaxys, wished they'd cover the Z10.
    07-21-14 12:10 AM
  9. L.berrywiess's Avatar
    Thanks everyone, so far the tape is working but started to roll up around edges so I'll try different types. Does kinda sound like someone farting in the McDonald's drive through microphone. I've tried some headsets but they pick up way more stuff in the speaker magnets and at the price It's to risky. Probably gonna use both tape and bag. I was happy to the parts are really cheap to replace so I might start fixing it myself while I wait to see what works best. The hell I went through for trying to get warranty repair through my provider was enough to convince me to try and fix them for now on

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    07-22-14 11:54 AM
  10. bobprune's Avatar
    Same problem here. Grind reels for golf course. Dust and metal everywhere. 4 th phone in a year. Ya I'm bagging mine now. So professional looking. Love the phone but hate the fact that it's an office use phone. Everyone else has an otter box for their I phones and no problems. Would be nice if someone made a water proof case for the Z 10.

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    07-23-14 04:53 PM
  11. L.berrywiess's Avatar
    So far packing tape is the easiest. Can't hear through it but easy to remove. I've also brought back the PlayBook to life and if I see the red light I know its BBM. Which is either gonna be my wife or kids. It fits in my folder with prints so it doesn't draw attention cause I use a stylus that writes too. I'm allowed but if it gets out a lot of employees won't rest till they have complained about every thing and ill be the center of attention. Hope this helps. If you think of a better way or product for this arrangement let me know

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    09-28-14 06:32 PM

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