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    Edit- Im pretty sure the problem is a bad Micro usb to HDMI cable. It works for my Playbook but I have to frig with it to actually make a good connection. It wont connect at all with my Z10 but seems to screw up the phone when I plug it in. I guess if anybody else encounters the problem listed below check your cable!

    I loaded a couple of shows onto my z10 to stream to my tv via micro USB and something weird happened.... FIrst off when I tried to play my file which is a .mkv one it worked just on the phone before streaming. After trying to stream, my video player just showed a black screen. After unplugging it did the same. I went into the file explored app and found the file again and same outcome... black screen... Well crap... I rebooted a couple of times and still same thing. So this morning my alarm goes off.... silent... The screen came on but no sound. I woke up on my own 55 minutes late... sucks... Nothing worse than having to jump out of bed and be ready in 5 minutes. So then I get a phone call and for some reason my phone is on vibrate. I try to answer the call but after swiping down nothing happens. It continues to vibrate away... So I try to restart it by holding down the top lock button and choosing "restart". It starts to restart but it just seemed it didn't want to stop vibrating... In the end I had to pull the battery. Now it seems to be working ok.
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    That is really weird and should be classified as spooky. I have woken up several times, late of course, because my alarm didn't go off at all. When I check my phone it's actually turned off. I am on ATT and started having "Strange" issues after their update.

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