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    At my in laws over Christmas and we wanted to watch a movie I have on my Z10. Hooking up HDMI on one TV gave the predictable results, but on another TV it didn't work. Instead it showed no display on the TV and it froze my Z10; unplugging the HDMI unfroze the phone. Not sure why. HDMI seems to work on the TV coming from a blu-ray player.

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    12-26-13 01:48 AM
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    HDMI is like that, try using a different cable, or a different port on the other TV, or unplugging the OTHER port. HDMI is notoriously finicky, especially on cheaper model TV. (who wants to BET that the TV where it worked good was much higher end!!! BUT still with HDMI it could go either way)
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    12-26-13 02:04 PM

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