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    Last week I had to install the leak a couple of times before I finally got everything stable. I had to do the autoloading a couple of time due to BBM connectivity, MMS not sending/receiving, etc issues I was having. So I loaded Amazon App Store and got a few different apps from there. The next day or two my battery drained at a very significant rate and would only get about 2 hrs max. This happened all week. I "think" I was able to "fully" uninstall the Amazon App Store app and all the others apk apps I got from there along with any other BBW apps that I thought could be causing this issue.

    Nothing worked and I knew I would be a slave to the charger until I could find the time to wipe and autoload again. Unfortunately, i didn't find the time. I woke this morning and tried to start up my phone while it was attached to the charger. I got a solid red LED light, but for the first time the flash (white light) on the back side of the phone would stay on constantly. I would have to pull the battery to get it off. After holding down the power/lock for 10 secs and the volume up & down several times, nothing seemed. to work to reset. I even tried an extra battery I had, but no difference.

    Now the only reaction I get from my Z10 is while holding the power/lock button down for several seconds is from the back side white flash (camera) blinks in a pattern of sorts that I haven't been able to fully record. blink pause, blink, blink, pause, blink, pause, blink, blink, blink.. And then it is very random with more and more blinks before pausing.

    I've tried BB Link and IE reset, but my PC isn't able to recognize the phone at all and I'm not able to get past the blinking (white) lights.

    Any help get this thing back to life would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. - Shane
    12-08-13 10:14 PM
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    Does not sound good. I got caught in the red blick cycle for hours the other day. None of the normal methods worked. Try putting it on the charger to make sure it really has power (or charge that separate battery till full.

    After lots of stalls and wastes of time, for some reason I was able to get the Autoloader for the Leak to install and my phone has been okay (fingers remain crossed) since Thurs afternoon (I have to send back the replacement carrier sent since we thought it was dead).

    I would get a solid green led. I don't think I ever had the back flash led.

    Good luck. Oh, also try different usb ports if possible.
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    12-08-13 11:14 PM
  3. mshane's Avatar
    I've now been able to get the red LED light to flash. I put a fully charged battery in and now flash is on constantly (no blinking this time) and the red light stayed solid for a few seconds while I held the lock/power button for several seconds. Volume up and down did the same thing. So weird.
    12-09-13 10:40 AM

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