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    I tried making a story via story maker app but since I moved all my photos, videos and music to SD card to save space on the device memory, it seems I cannot choose photos, videos and music from the SD card to make the story as it only lists the media that is only available on the device memory which is troubling because as it is I'm down to about 300 mb memory space on the device and if I copy or move any media back to device, I will have absolutely no space on device.

    Is there a solution to choosing media directly from the SD card within the story maker app? Am I missing something or need to do something to be able to select SD card content? If there's no solution, then this really socks as I have an app I cannot use and it all comes down to not enough memory space problem again...

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-13 05:07 AM
  2. ghgrossman's Avatar
    For me Story Maker displays all image and video media file located on my device, including those on card or internal memory. Although Jackson am now on 10.1 it was the same situation on 10.0. I don't get to pick between storage locations - it just lumps all directories from card and internal memory into main view.

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    05-10-13 05:55 AM
  3. Pirate_King's Avatar
    I just did a reboot and still the same problem, no SD card content shows up in story maker app...

    Do you mean that OS 10.1 that you installed solves this by listing device and SD card contents at the same time in story maker app?

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    05-10-13 06:35 AM
  4. Crisdean's Avatar
    Yes story maker finds my photos and videos as well. Never had any issues with that before. Maybe try restarting your device or check if there's a software update available.
    05-10-13 07:56 AM
  5. ghgrossman's Avatar
    Do you mean that OS 10.1 that you installed solves this by listing device and SD card contents at the same time in story maker app?
    No - it has always been this way on my Z10, both before and after OS10.1. Additional info, under camera settings I have elected to 'save on media card'. Also within Story Maker settings I have elected to 'save on media card' as well.

    Posted via CB10 / Verizon Z10.1
    05-11-13 07:35 AM
  6. frfghtr's Avatar
    Are you having any issues with your Z10 recognizing your SD card?

    Just checked mine and they're all together. Still running OS10

    Story Maker and SD Card Media-storymaker.jpg
    05-11-13 08:12 AM
  7. Pirate_King's Avatar
    I figured out what the issue was and is?

    After not seeing SD card content in Story Maker app, I ran into SD card photos not showing in Pictures app, SD card videos not showing in Videos app and no SD card music in Music app, which are weird because I swear I saw them before in the mentioned apps.

    The situation got worse after that. By now when I make or receive calls, the numbers would show up when dialing or phone ringing but then they just don't get registered in the calls registery. I was so frustrated as I got people calling me from numbers not saved in the phone and as I wanted to save them, the numbers just didn't show in the calls registery. It got worse when I tried to get the numbers from someone by writing them down and when I tried to save them directly in the Contacts app , they won't get saved.

    And that was not the worst of it as I tried solving the issue by rebooting couple of times without avail and then battery pulls couple of times also but again nothing. With the last pull and phone on, all apps arrangements as I did like special panes for weather, social, games, tv, radio, office, sports, etc got completely screwed and I got like 20 pages of apps randomly scattered all over the place with important ones ending up way in the back. If that wasn't enough, tried using BBM, Whatsapp, maps, podcast, learning, weather, and other apps and kept getting error messages, some not starting at all or restarting by themselves and not working at all!

    At this point completely frustrated and angry, I started to hate the phone with a a passion... Here, I hope you understand my feelings... Sorry but I had enough then

    Anyhow, rebooted once more and kept the Z10 on charge and then it dawned on me that maybe all of these problems are happening because there isn't a lot of space left in RAM to function or function well and I remind here that I only had 260 MB of space available of the 16 GB device memory. So, I made the hard decision of deleting apps to see if it'll work restore things and I ended up deleting tons of apps even paid ones as half of them are and now I have only 10 pages of apps. I rebooted after the apps deletion and checked storage. I got about 2.8 GB of free space in device memory and guess what Big Fu**ing YAY! I could finally see the SD content in Story Maker app and every other problem I had was no issue anymore or till now, touch wood!

    So thank you all for trying to help, really appreciated!

    On a more important note that people who are experiencing problems with their devices, please take my advice and check your free storage space in device memory and if you are below 1.5 GB, get rid of apps and data from device memory and I believe, things will get sorted out.

    Also, I came to realization that we really need bigger storage like 32 or 64 gig for the Z10 or a solution for the current exceeding of device memory like partitioning of SD card memory to save apps and related data on as the the devil in using fluid, amazing and flawless Z10 is in its device memory capacity which can easily be surpassed by some especially me.

    I feel bad for the apps I paid for and cannot use though...

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-13 01:50 PM

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