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    I've owned STL-1 and just bought STL-2 for my wife. I straight away load 1925 leaked on it. I found that the speaker is different from my STL-1 and it produced a really bad sound. The decibel of the sound quite on high pitch like turning on full blast volume on a cheap headphone.

    Could it be a faulty speaker or STL-2 did have a speaker sound like that?

    STL-100-2 vs STL-100-1 speaker-img_20140101_210426_hdr.jpg

    STL-100-2 vs STL-100-1 speaker-img_20140101_210326_hdr.jpg

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    01-01-14 07:01 AM
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    I have both models and i think the stl-100-2 have better sound, really deep and clear

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    01-01-14 07:50 AM
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    If BlackBerry used a different speaker for the STL100-1 then you should expect a difference in sound. If not, then it probably is defective. Or is it because your STL100-2 is newer?

    01-01-14 07:50 AM

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