1. dhanveer's Avatar
    Still waiting for the z10 stl 100-1 official update !
    05-07-13 05:49 AM
  2. prithvi64's Avatar
    no need of waiting for official update. Some carriers take months to release. When leak is already available, why don't you enjoy 10.1 now itself. I am using since last 10 days without any issue. The same version is supposed to be released by some carrier. I never waited for official OS even when I was using other BBs.
    dhanveer likes this.
    05-07-13 06:11 AM
  3. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    +1 to op, runs nice and smooth .

    Z10 rocking
    05-07-13 08:53 AM
  4. dhanveer's Avatar
    did yo login to instagram properly after the update
    05-07-13 12:54 PM
  5. chrispdm1's Avatar
    Everyone is waiting for official versions on all models.... can anyone get the 1627 link from lbfe? I think he took all his leaks down

    Posted via CB10
    05-07-13 01:17 PM
  6. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    Lol instagram. Any hows, used this link yesterday, was working fine :
    Apparently better to use chrome, but have that installed anyways.

    Z10 rocking
    05-08-13 02:07 AM
  7. diruocco's Avatar
    link is down
    05-08-13 06:54 PM

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