1. turbo2g2003's Avatar
    I use my Playbook charger to charge my Z10, but in any case I find myself getting shocked almost every time I pick up my phone when it is plugged in.

    This might be a ridiculous thread but since it happens every time I thought I should mention it and see if anyone else has experienced it.

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    02-09-13 08:00 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Heh.. you might wanna stop using the PlayBook charger or have 911 on speed dial. FTR though, I've not experienced this.
    02-09-13 08:13 PM
  3. turbo2g2003's Avatar
    10-4. Thanks Dr. Bla1ze

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    02-09-13 08:14 PM
  4. clowrym's Avatar
    I've used my playbook charger a number of times.... Havent experienced this either.......
    02-09-13 08:19 PM
  5. Branta's Avatar
    This is a well known phenomenon with many devices. If the charger provides a path to ground through its cable it provides a path to discharge the static charge which can build up on YOU. It is more common in winter when indoor conditions are more likely to be very dress and you may be wearing more clothes which are likely to help static buildup. It is also more likely if you are on a carpet floor which tends to help charge to build as you walk around.

    In my home I have two things which give me a static shock more often than not, my notebook computer and a floor lamp with a metal column. I know for a fact that they both have good grounding so they have no charge on them, and I only get a shock if I'm wearing shoes - not bare feet which allow my charge to leak away as fast as it is generated.
    02-09-13 08:21 PM
  6. ealvnv's Avatar
    Unless you live in Las Vegas where this is pretty normal, i can not explain it better then Branta's post
    02-09-13 08:23 PM
  7. turbo2g2003's Avatar
    It's currently plugged into a cheap power bar, I'm going to try to plug it into the wall.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    02-09-13 08:52 PM
  8. joeybee's Avatar
    i have the same problem with my torch and the playbook. Its not actually going to hurt you as the voltage is low.

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    02-09-13 09:17 PM

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