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  1. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    I have a z10 that stopped working... I'm not even sure what happened as it is not my phone...

    I was told around 11am the phone stopped responding, like it froze. Then the "emergency call" line showed up but the screen was still unresponsive...

    A battery pull was done but nothing and a few more battery pull was made. The low battery warning showed up and was stuck on the blackberry splash screen. a few times of plugging and replugging finally got the loading screen...

    It took hours and I gave one last battery pull and it now wont turn on. If i press on the power button, the LED light flashes 2x and nothing happens. Every few minute pressing power button and would have the red flash 2x.

    Is the phone dead and useless?

    BBLink does not detect the phone. I'm downloading the autoloader but it's taking sometime...

    The phone was under normal usage and mostly used for calling and text messaging... could something cause the OS to corrupt?

    Edit: the autoloader doesn't seem to detect either. it's just "connecting to bootrom"
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    10-22-15 10:51 PM
  2. dna47's Avatar
    Try plugging the phone to your pc without the battery. Then Link should tell you something like can't communicate with your device. You'll have to restore the phone (it'll erase everything).

    Or try plugging the phone to the charger without the battery, while holding the power button. See if it can turn on like this and as soon as you see blackberry put the battery back in.

    Good luck

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    10-23-15 12:28 AM
  3. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    I did try that last night as well... it gave the 2 red blinks and nothing else...

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-15 08:42 AM
  4. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    Gave pluggin into outlet without battery a try this morning... and same result, 2 red blinks and nothing.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-15 09:47 AM
  5. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    I'm curious what the 2 red blink stands for...

    I'm going to try a different battery to see if that could be an issue...

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    10-24-15 04:55 PM
  6. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    Tried a battery change and no luck... looks like hardware...

    Posted via CB10
    10-26-15 01:09 PM
  7. elfabio80's Avatar
    Leave the device plugged withiu sd card and without battery for 24 hrs....this helped my Q10

    Posted via CB10
    10-27-15 02:37 AM
  8. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    I took the Sim and SD card and left it overnight... I can try the 24 hour period but there is 79% left on the battery. Changing the battery did not help.

    I'll give the 24hour without the battery a try...
    10-28-15 12:03 AM
  9. elfabio80's Avatar
    Good luck with it. It took one week for my Q10 and no results. I unplugged the device and left in a table..put in battery and sd card....Suddenly one day I accidentally pushed the power button and the device started normally.... I wish u the same!!

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-15 01:52 AM
  10. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    So, I decided to take it to a shop and see what happens. It confirmed my suspicion that something fried... they told me the chip burned out...

    I guess now I'll look into the Leap...

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-15 07:34 PM

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