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    I have been berrying it for almost 9 years now. I was fortunate enough to get the Z10 a week before the US T Mobile launch and I LOVE IT!

    But I have some questions which can't seem to be resolved with a simple google search.

    1. When I try to mark prior read on various email accounts it won't catch all the emails for some reason. Why... and how can I fix this?
    2. I have multiple entries in my address book for all my contacts and sometimes it mixes name/number. I tried to fix this by turning off the various app accounts but it was to no fruition. Why....and how can I fix this?
    App advices?
    3. What would be a go to app to access and manage my Wordpress account and stats?

    From now on I look to contribute as much as I can to the crackberry community because a berrier in need is a friend indeed.

    04-16-13 09:42 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    1 & 2 are going to require bug fixes, as for 3 there is an actual WordPress app!

    BlackBerry World - WordPress

    For number 2 there IS a paid app that can help....

    BlackBerry World - Contact X

    CB Review here

    Is your contact list in disarray? Give Contact X a try! | CrackBerry.com
    04-21-13 01:08 AM

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