1. harveydwijs2's Avatar
    First thing to say... Z10 is beautiful!

    I just got the white one second handed from a website that sells them for 185 euro's.

    Now my problem is... When i fully charge my phone to a 100% its stays there for like 4 minutes using. When i lock and unlock my phone (when it still is 100%) it suddenly says i have 97%.. so it skipped 99 and 98% on the top bar!

    Now when i go to the chart from the "how much my phone last" it shows that it goes slowly down to 97%.
    So the battery percentage (on the top when you unlock your phone) is showing incorrect information... Is there a way to reset the percentage?

    another question:

    I just saw a 2300Mah battery (same size as the OEM) and in a different thread someone said it lasts around 2-3 hours longer! But is the problem with the percentage gone or is it still there with third party batteries that you can use the phone like 2 or 3 hours more even if it says the battery is empty?
    02-15-14 12:08 PM
  2. Korepab's Avatar
    I can confirm that this is still a problem. It was on .1925, now still on .2141 as well.

    Posted via CB10
    02-15-14 08:43 PM

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