04-18-13 07:05 AM
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  1. tangyboy's Avatar
    Just love my Z10..
    The only thing it doesn't do, is make my coffee in the morning (but we're working on that). Seriously though, I have never had random reboots with this phone... ever, maybe the air's different down here or something. If I had a phone that gave me all of those problems, I would have returned it for a working lemon. How do you expect to run a business successfully like that... with much difficulty I suspect. Get yourself something you're happy with... anything that works for you. :-)
    04-18-13 03:29 AM
  2. jgrobertson's Avatar
    I have not been having these problems. I wonder if the OP updated his OS and why his issues are so much more than others.
    04-18-13 07:05 AM
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