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    I've been a BlackBerry user since the first pagers. Previous phone was bold 9930. I've had the Z10 for 3days now. My initial skepticism about the virtual keyboard vanished in less than a day! Sure I make lots of mistakes, but the auto suggest is amazing. Might point out that I got the z10 for myself as a 60th birthday present!
    I also spent close to 30 years in IT. Here are a few first comments...
    Battery life: much better than my 9930, and I'm a very heavy user. I use the phone for almost everything... 6 email accounts, at least 50 daily emails, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, news, podcasts, Etc.
    Peek and flow: thought I understood it, but after a day of heavy use I am in awe! Way more productive than before! Needs to be experienced to appreciated.
    Apps: sure there are a few major apps missing. They'll come. Only thing I want is Skype or voodoo. BBM doesn't help me cause people I know aren't (yet) on blackberry. But I loaded a lot of apps. On panel 6 without creating folders. And I use them all. I'm hard pressed to find missing functions, but then I don't watch movies on my phone, and I'm not a fan of instagram.
    Bugs? Every new system or software has bugs. From my initial testing I can say there are way fewer bugs than I expected. I think they made the right decision to leave our some features rather than release with more bugs. I'm sure those features will be forthcoming. And some can be satisfied for now with apps.
    On apps, I still don't get people who complain about a $1.99 app! We pay more for a cup of coffee. I immediately purchased a number of apps, even ones I previously owned. Things like remote desktop access, news apps, etc. These devices are no longer phones. They are much more! I do close to 50% of my work on this device. In fact, since the bold 9930 I rarely do any email on my desktop or laptop.
    In short, if you're on the fence about the Z10, just get one!

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    04-11-13 01:10 AM
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    Nice review! Let us know what you think after a few weeks.
    04-17-13 07:50 PM
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    Nice review! Let us know what you think after a few weeks.
    Yeah, please do. I was pretty impressed at first...but then conceded that I would be less disappointed & better off if I stepped back and gave the OS & ecosystem time to mature & become more robust. When I see that, I might again come back to BlackBerry.
    04-17-13 08:36 PM
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    Well it's been a couple of weeks now. Still very impressed. I have had a few reboots, I'd say maybe 2 or 3 each week. I was 30 years in IT, and I'd bet it is a software issue. Needs to be solved, but not critical at the frequency I see. If you have much more frequent reboots, I could make some suggestions but probably best in a different thread.

    I've tested a bunch of apps, kept quite a few and deleted some.

    Battery continues to impress me. Same usage patterns as my bold 9930, in same locations. At most I've had to give it a 10 minute top off either at my desk or in my car. With the bold, I had to charge it always at my desk and in my car! For info: I have wifi, bluetooth, and nfc always on. I am 90% of the time in a wifi area (work, home, Starbucks) -- which btw also explains why my data use is only marginally higher than on the bold.

    Other things I've noticed... the browser is much faster on LTE than on my wifi connection! on wifi I tested it against my bold and it's about the same speed. Has me confused until I turned off wifi

    Still getting used to the keyboard, but the auto correct is amazing.

    Because of my technical background I'm prepared for a few glitches. Hey, my kids are all on iphones..I witnessed recently that my son's iphon froze and he had to force a restart. I asked him and he said it happens sometimes ... but somehow since it's an Apple product, all is forgiven!!

    I have my own list of "Needed or missing features" most of which match those listed by others. But I will say with no hesitation that I am more productive with the Z10 , and for me that's what it's about...not some game or instagram social thing.

    When I get some time I want to post my list of favorite tested apps for all sorts of uses. Also just added bb10 to my beta Zone account so hope to be able to contribute some useful information.

    Bottom line? This phone rocks! Best technology, just be patient with glitches they are just growing pains, not birth defects! )

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    04-18-13 06:10 PM

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