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    I had fair battery life of about 6 hours,after the last update it was down to 3 hours noticed the system was running on average 60 to. 70 percent.
    I did a security wipe and started fresh. After the wipe it took about 3 days to index and the System was running at 80 to 90 percent and this morning it was in the single digits. Phone has been on for 14 hours now and still 20% left.hope this helps others.

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    12-07-13 07:23 PM
  2. ivo1969's Avatar
    Here is a shot of the system usage
    Solved my battery issues-img_00000023.png

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    12-07-13 07:27 PM
  3. rlthomas1983's Avatar
    Where do I find that screen

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    12-07-13 08:06 PM
  4. ivo1969's Avatar
    App manager in settings

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    12-07-13 08:35 PM
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    Really glad to hear that... Enjoy your z10

    I already get around 18 hours of battery life...

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    12-07-13 09:58 PM

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