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    is there any way of getting snapchat on my blackberry z10 os 10.3.1, i have had a snapchat version that allowed me to log in but i deleted it accidentally and downloaded other versions which will not allow me to log in and they say "upgrade to a newer version", i upgraded it kept on getting a google play services pop up, i have read though numerous ammount of threads but havent had hope. can anybody please help me
    04-26-15 07:29 AM
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    "Why would you want snapchat on an enterprise device?
    Should have bought an itoy an toydroid.
    These phones aren't for "snapchatting" or other useless forms of communication.

    ..At least, that's what some will say

    AFAIK you can't get snapchat working anymore. Maybe someone will say otherwise "

    Delete snapchat. Look up "snapchat all 4.1.07" in your browser. Download and install. Open this version, and you will be able to log in. Then go back to the browser and get 9.3.1, install that, and you will have the closest thing to up to date snapchat on BlackBerry 10. Never logout, or you'll have to do it again

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    04-26-15 07:48 AM
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    It Doesn't work, but thanks

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    04-26-15 06:04 PM
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    04-26-15 08:23 PM
  5. williamausno1's Avatar
    ill get on to it, thanks anyway
    04-27-15 02:00 AM
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    04-28-15 12:56 AM

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