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    On my Z10 when logging into the device it takes about 2mins to initially log in and access the device. (ridiculously slow). This issue only started appearing recently after our IT admins had to reconfigure the biz server for my device. I use one password for unlocking the device which includes the workspace. After the initial login to the device at times when accessing the hub (which has my work outlook email) it will take about 30seconds for the hub to populate.

    The phone doesn't have many apps on it, (no games) and is fairly clean. I did read on these forums that another user was having issues with a slow device and said it was due to the amount of emails in his outlook account. I have a very large outlook account on work internal network, could that be causing the slow login and hub load? If so, how can that be resolved as the thousands of emails I have on my work outlook account cannot be deleted as they are kept for historic purposes.

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    01-27-14 02:27 PM
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    Transfer them to a computer.

    Proudly posted by an Essex Lad with Z10
    01-27-14 02:36 PM

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