1. AbsoluteT23's Avatar
    Pshh just messing. Was a lil bored, and some of the threads are getting stale. So!

    1.) Just wanted to know if anyone of you has a name for his/her Z10.

    2.) New BB User, Coming from other OS's (Yes/No)?

    3.) Experience? (Positive or Negative)

    4.) Something you would change or would like added.(Not detailed, short straight forward answers)

    Plus bonus points for giving a shout out to your favorite cookie!
    04-16-13 08:17 AM
  2. sanjk1's Avatar
    1. Galactus lol
    2. Have had BBs for years
    3. Very positive
    4. I would love some kind of Asus Padfone type docking station for my Z10. Would be awesome.

    Overall I absolutely love the love the look, the feel, the build. Everything just flows so well. Z10 ftw!

    Posted via Galactus10
    AbsoluteT23 likes this.
    04-16-13 08:23 AM

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