02-01-13 12:10 AM
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  1. Italiannyc's Avatar
    Lets also not forget that the Galaxy S4 is being announced in March, and also its rumored that the Iphone will drop on Tmobile in March also. That cant help.
    01-31-13 04:04 PM
  2. mnhockeycoach99's Avatar
    I guess I didn't really feel like I wasn't loved or that RIM/BBRY lied to me or anything like that.. I just was making an observation that they have a commercial spot on one of the biggest events of the year and don't have a device available in US stores for people to touch, play with, etc. Maybe the Superbowl is just the kickoff of a huge marketing campaign in the US... GREAT!! I was just saying that from my perception, the March launch in the US didn't do them any favors... That being said, I love my 9900 and my PlayBook.. and look forward to getting a BB10 handset (still trying to figure out which one) and getting BB10 on my wonderful PB tablet..
    01-31-13 04:10 PM
  3. snuci's Avatar
    The real reason goes something like this...

    The US carriers, after getting a demo, being impressed and wanting in out of the gate, went to order their "Zee 10s" from Blackberry Testing labs. The Test Lab folks had no idea what the US carriers were talking about. Two weeks later, they figured it out and shipped the "Zed 10s". After three weeks of refusing shipments, the US carriers figured it out and finally accepted the devices. Hence the five week delay

    Truth be told, I've spelled out words using "Zed" in the US and gotten looks like I was speaking another language. Thanks to Sesame Street, I knew to say "Zee" and it cleared things up. At least you know who is American and who is Canadian/British when they are talking about it

    Sorry, now back to your regularly scheduled theorizing...
    01-31-13 04:25 PM
  4. blkitr's Avatar
    You don't know what BB marketing has planned in US the coming weeks.

    It could be a full on blitz 'a la Samsung style' for a month leading up to the March launches!

    Maybe the Superbowl ad is the start of things to come!

    Be patient America! Canada still loves you!
    While true we don't know what the advertising is gonna be... If a consumer watches said ad and goes to AT&T or Verizon or t-mobile or sprint to get a z10, what do you think is gonna happen?
    01-31-13 04:54 PM
  5. cpanagio's Avatar
    Maybe this has been mentioned already but I believe the delay may be in part because the US carriers like to package a lot of "bloatware" with most of their phones they release and its possible that their specific versions of the BB10 OS are not complete and their apps integrated.
    01-31-13 05:12 PM
  6. Marquis Ingram's Avatar
    I have a LOVE/HATE feeling about the delay. I HATE it because of my selfish reasons. I LOVE it because of the ways it could benefit RIM (Blackberry). The suspense is not shared not only by us as consumers, but also by media outlets and market spectators. Articles about specs, opinions, and comparisons can be expressed and posted daily now because the device(s) have finally come from behind the curtain. Now some of that negative energy can be taken off of the company's actions and transferred to the actual product and so far there has been a outstanding number of positive review. Now the world is waiting to see how we are going to react.

    Everyone love or can learn to love the Blackberry Z10 but the one's who love Blackberry are the only one's who know it exists or launched yesterday. Some may have heard of the new devices but that didn't spark an interest. Most just stated an opinion based on experiences with Blackberry 7.1 or older (More likely negative), or just didn't give a damn. How can Blackberry solve that, MARKETING and PROMOTION. With the grace period Blackberry have between the launch of the new OS and the day it hits Americans shelves, that gives enough time for some gorilla marketing. REMEMBER, Blackberry and company are going as far as spending $3 mill on a commercial during a very important football game plus some.
    01-31-13 05:37 PM
  7. mphillips828's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    This is just an idea I had and why BB was actually smart and made a conscious decision with carriers to with-hold releasing the BB10 devices in the USA until March.

    March falls in line with what is expected to be the BB10 update to the PlayBook, and with that will come loads of people upgrading. BB10 will have a following around the world with reviews and people who TRULY want a BB device in the US will wait 2 months for it. Heins has stated numerous times that the new BB10 devices will be for hyper-connected people, and they have their target market figured out, and they clearly understand their market. So Back to the perfectly timed release within the US.

    BB10 will be released as an update for all PlayBooks around the time the Z10 will launch in the USA. This will allow BB to host another event (not as large of course) and with this event announce all the carriers in the USA who will carry the Z10 available that day, and during this event announce that the BB10 PlayBook upgrade is available the same day as well. This will cause more hype among the entire BB-users in the USA and also the world.

    Also to add to this, without the PB having BB10, a lot of things we were hoping for wouldn't make much sense and would get ripped into as being half-baked. Programs and features most specifically the BB Cloud. This feature wouldn't make sense if you only had your BB10 Smartphone and no other BB10 device. Now comes the BB10 PB update!! With the announcement of the PB update and release of the Z10 in the USA, BB can announce the new connectivity features that are being worked on currently.

    So in March (this is all my opinion) but I believe that BB will announce the PB Update along side the Z10 release in the US. With both will come much more integration between the tablet and phone that can not be accomplished now. Since the PB update isn't available carriers and BB decided to hold off on the release of the phones in the USA so when both are released carriers can push the LTE PlayBook with the LTE SmartPhones as a huge US marketing campaign.
    01-31-13 11:26 PM
  8. EGerhardt's Avatar
    Personally I think that the delay in the US is going to be a good move. As 'the press' (read American Tech Sites) love to tell us, blackberries market share in the US is like 5% or something, which translates to about 5 million active blackberries in the US. But there are at least 60 million blackberry customers the world over. Most of the people who are likely to go out and buy a Z10 the day it's available do not live in the US.

    Given how terrible the US press has been to blackberry in the past year, it makes sense that they didn't want to release the Z10 into a prestige market amid bad press. They want people here, and in Canada, and Indonesia, and other places where blackberry has continued to dominate despite android and iPhone, to go out and buy the Z10 and then tell the rest of the world just how good it is. They don't stand to lose a lot by doing that either. It makes a lot of sense for them to put as much stock as possible in the markets where they will sell the most devices. Outside the USA is where they make most of their money, and so they are focusing their initially. Waiting an extra month might not be great for you american die-hards, but realistically its not losing them a lot of sales and good word of mouth may well increase sales. Also by the US release date, all of the really big important apps will be out there and ready for you, not asking the very flighty US consumers to trust them, just everything there and good to go adorning the posters and adverts.

    Like I say, it sucks for you guys who really want a Z10, but to me it makes a lot of sense. They knew they couldn't count on the US press to support them ever, so they figured they'd let the reviews come out and blow over before the device hits stores. And by that time the Z10 will have succeeded really well in all the territories where they always do and entered into the collective consciousness as being good. If the Z10 had launched in the US and not sold 3 million units, then the press would call it an immediate flop and that stuff hurts a lot, even if they had high but not iPhone like sales because it hurts their stock price. If its already sold plural millions before it launches in the US, theres no way anyone can call it a failure.
    02-01-13 12:10 AM
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