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    As many of us enjoy the hours of sitting with their head bowed over the new Z10 some
    are seeing their Z10 reboot on its own.

    I had a conference call between a Verizon Tech and a Blackberry Tech.
    The nice lady at BB listened and then said that BB was aware of the issue. That it was affecting a very small percentage of Z10 users. She also said it was not fair to me as others were not having this issue. She authorized the replacement at the local Verizon store. I went in 4 hours later and exchanged my Z10 at the Verizon store on E. Washington in Madison WI..

    So far two reboots. When first setting up the phone, but after any OS or software upgrades, I started Blackberry World. Its crashed, Locked the phone up and rebooted. Has done this on a few of my older BB phones during setup too.

    2nd time was when I was cleaning it with a towel so not sure if I hit something or not to cause it to reboot.

    But it has not rebooted overnight like the prior Z10 was doing. No sideloads. No Droid apps. Active Frames stayed active. Logs show no "unknown" reboots. So far. All the native apps are now installed that I had on the prior phone.

    Also the cascade affects on the windows are much smoother. Someone pointed out that their cascades were sort of jerky and their phone also rebooted.

    Scrolling through images stored on this phone, scrolling through BB World has also caused it on the old phone. But then it has done it just sitting there. On or off the charger. Class 4 or class 10 SD card or not. Case on phone or not. App installed or not.

    Another person said the GPU had been diagnosed as being defective. This thought has me listening. Still could be either hardware or software based. (or both)

    No matter what the cause of the issue BB is making the same mistake it has in the past. They think "Silence is Golden" or something.

    Verizon for some reason is not pushing newer versions of the OS. Neither BB nor Verizon will say why.

    The BB lady on the phone was quick to answer and quick to resolve the issue.
    Makes me think that a "memo" came down and is now instructing BB reps on how to handle this.

    But no remark from the Big "V" nor the "Double B" has been heard anywhere else that is creditable.

    They could at least say "go here and we will do this" if a problem is found.
    That you have a 12 month warranty that would cover the cause of this issue if found to be
    hardware or OS related.
    That you can exchange it at the carrier.
    That they can send you a new exchange phone.
    That BB tech will come on the phone with a carrier rep to work this out.

    BB. Get ahead of the issues and stop trying to "wish them away" .

    Most posts have been in the effort to find the issue. BB websites have not put this even close
    to their front pages. Most sell BB stuff so who can really blame them.

    So it has been the folks in the forums and other social venues that are discussing this.

    But only BB/Verizon can fix it.

    One of the most impressive things the old RIM did was put out an OS update for the PB. Nothing really new in it at all but it did fix many things. The OS was much more stable and usable.

    This sort of release is needed now for the Z10. Mostly for Verizon as they are behind most other carriers.

    So in short. BB is not say anything in public.
    Verizon is busy selling them.

    So if you have a problem with the phone take it back, if you can. Be nice. Ask that a BB tech be included. Most importantly, ask to exchange the phone. Do not expect it, ask for it.

    By taking it back the issue is logged and the phone sent back and examined for cause. The issue gets noticed not only in the tech areas but in the cost centers. They will notice it more. The larger the cost to them the faster they will react.

    So speak up and take action in order to improve the BB10 phone line. It's a good phone with a few bugs, affecting a small percentage of total users, that can be fixed. One way or another.

    Silence is not Golden BB and Verizon.

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    04-11-13 08:27 AM
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    My replacement is arriving this afternoon, just crossing my fingers that it's stable...

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    04-11-13 08:35 AM
  3. trsbbs's Avatar
    My replacement is arriving this afternoon, just crossing my fingers that it's stable...

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    I watch it all the time and check the log to see if it is rebooting behind my back. So far go good.
    If it starts doing it, back it goes again for another. Maybe at a different store to try avoid the same production source or run.

    We might have a ton of good ones that had Part A from Production batch B that were bad. All other batches might
    of been just fine. Is the GPU shared across the Z10 platform?

    04-11-13 08:40 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    Yep, silence is not golden in this case or ones like it. Actually I think silence creates imagination to run wild and speculation.
    04-11-13 08:43 AM
  5. 6120111's Avatar
    Okay well I activated my replacement Z10 from Verizon around 3pm yesterday and didn't experience a reboot until about 40 minutes ago (10:20am according to Settings-Hardware). I set up the device exactly as my previous Z10, same apps (none side-loaded, about 7 apps from BB World). I have 8 total email accounts, one of which is on BES10. I keep Hub++ and Wallpaper Changer HD running at all times. I guess I just have to keep an eye on it over the next several days to see if I notice more reboots, but I did notice that the new device is snappier than the first, and the separate wallpaper for my Work partition in BB Balance shows up correctly on the new device (it did not work correctly on the first device). I'm hoping these improvements I've seen on this new device mean the device doesn't have the faulty GPU or other hardware problems, but time will tell. *finger crossed*
    04-12-13 01:12 PM
  6. Gatmyer's Avatar
    I feel sorry for you verizon folks. 2 reboots in a month on telus.
    04-12-13 01:53 PM
  7. Shadow_S2K's Avatar
    I wonder why Verizon z10 are the one usually with these issues...strange

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    04-12-13 01:53 PM
  8. Bdot-1's Avatar
    North of the border our Zed10's have had very few problems. Myself since January have had none. Over 50 Zed10's in my office and not a single problem, not a single reboot and not a single battery dying before the end of the day.

    I think Verizon got stuck with the "Made in Mexico" Zee10's. Or its a 3rd party issue with something Verizon loaded onto the OS. You should not be having any reboots, none, zero.... The phone is incredibly stable in fact with 73 apps installed, the last time I even rebooted my phone manually was over 3 weeks ago.

    Good luck people, I would look at this as a Verizon issue and not a BlackBerry issue. I hope it gets solved fast!

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    04-12-13 02:20 PM
  9. RJ_Motivation's Avatar
    That sucks. My z10 has NEVER Rebooted, And I use it like there's no tomorrow.

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    04-12-13 02:24 PM
  10. xamdam's Avatar
    This is for the millionth time not a z10 unit issue, but more like an OS related issue in which Verizon deemed ok to release, all OS releases are carrier based.

    Some apps ported apps are causing reboots, I had one do it to me as I closed the app it was a horoscope app. This happens this past week and I never had a reboot before and after deleting the app.
    04-12-13 02:29 PM

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