02-13-14 07:53 AM
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  1. agarwal.apar's Avatar
    Check this out.. my phone is still on and it went to 0% an hour back!!
    Should there be Factory Recall for Z10 STL100-1?-img_00000007_edit.png

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    01-23-14 09:58 AM
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    Check this out.. my phone is still on and it went to 0% an hour back!!
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    I get reminded of this incident when I was travelling on 31st December last year. As soon as we started, Battery Guru showed I have 0%. However, it didn't turn off for next 7 hours till I put it on charge. Must say, I was pretty impressed! Lol

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    01-23-14 10:24 AM
  3. agarwal.apar's Avatar
    Haha.. Finally my phone is off... Don't know how domain fix this battery calibration issue!
    01-23-14 10:35 AM
  4. chopachain's Avatar
    I have installed the recent update 10.2.1 and the problem is still present. I did a few reboots after the update installed and used the fone till about 3%. I then put it on charge and it only charged to 96%.
    While I was using the phone today it shutdown at 19%. So I am not sure if this is a software problem but the update did not sort it out. Will now be returning this phone back to the retail store.
    01-30-14 05:18 AM
  5. sumbaba38's Avatar
    I have the STL 100-1 and my phone shuts down sometimes with 98% battery. I have to plug it in for a few minutes for it to work again. And after a few minutes or an hour max, it shuts down again.

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    01-30-14 05:43 AM
  6. rizdragon's Avatar
    i bought my phone on 3 April 2013 and till now had no issues. i only loaded the official OS via BB Link when my device had 100% battery. i never had battery issues or any other major problems, except RFA not working all the time.
    but after updating to the latest Official OS my phone turns off at 19% coz as soon as i see the notification, battery below 20%, the device turns off within a minute. previously the phone used to shut off at 2 to 1% and charge to full 100%. it still charges to 100% but shuts off at 19%.

    Sarcasm starts "i guess BB wants every customer of theirs to be a bit unhappy with them, at one point or the other, to ensure their continued success and make sure that the customers they have are enduring ones" Sarcasm ends

    come on BB fix this issue!!! i'm an STL100-1 user.
    02-12-14 01:28 PM
  7. rizdragon's Avatar
    yesterday i let my battry die, then pulled out the battery, sim card and the sd card. left the phone as it is for 2 hours and then put everything back in and put it on wall charger. the battery showed 12% charge, so i pulled it off the charge and let it die again. this time it went down to 5% before it shut down. i charged it to 90% only. so i pulled it off charge and after five minutes put it on charge again. it charged to 100%. so from 10:00 AM to 1:35 PM the battery is at 63% and showing 6 hours of battery life remaining.

    Should there be Factory Recall for Z10 STL100-1?-img_20140213_134020.png

    Should there be Factory Recall for Z10 STL100-1?-img_20140213_134027.png

    Should there be Factory Recall for Z10 STL100-1?-img_20140213_134034.png

    Should there be Factory Recall for Z10 STL100-1?-img_20140213_134041.png

    lets see what the results are by the end of the day.
    02-13-14 04:45 AM
  8. Bangjo11's Avatar
    Never happen to my red stl100-1. Never.

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    02-13-14 05:12 AM
  9. ThaMunsta's Avatar
    I'm no expert on batteries nor do I consistently get this problem. Me and my wife both have Z10 and I have a second battery/charging bundle. The only time my phone doesn't charge to 100% is if I use an insufficient charger or recently charged it somewhat erratically. I've had it also turn off early or stay on past 0% usually after such charging habits.

    From what I've read about Li-ion batteries, there is a computer chip inside the battery that reports the percent, temperature and controls the rate the battery charges at so they don't explode like the old days. Since the battery deteriorates over time, it will never charge to full capacity and will always adjust what 100% should be just like 0% isn't fully empty, but its empty enough that it can't support the phone. There is no "calibration" technique that you need to perform and you should actually avoid letting your battery die to 0% because Li-ion batteries have the worst shelf life at 0%

    If you haven't already I would be getting a new battery. They are literally as fragile as the screens. A single drop to my last phones battery threw off the percent and killed it within a week.
    02-13-14 07:53 AM
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